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Uses of yoga


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A recent survey has revealed that many people in world wide meditate on important issues such as happiness, Peace and personal growth. Meditation is very relaxing for humans. The sleep caused by meditation is more divine.

Yoga is a combination of body and mind. The only benefit is the practice of yoga when the two are combined.

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Many benefits through meditation

1Calmness and peace of mind is caused by meditation so that our mind can be freed from anxiety. Through the bliss that comes in meditation. We are able to experience a blissful, pure state. There are many benefits through meditation. This is an important method for mental hygiene.

There are several benefits to practicing yoga every day

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  1. As the body grows fully regular, beauty, tenderness and lightness on the face are also imparted

  2. The lungs work energetically, with many physical and psychological benefits from controlling the respiratory system.

  3. Yogasanas can control and protect ***** and turn it into an uplifter

  4. Concentration and introspective philosophies can improve practical life. With the passion and interest in life, good thoughts grow and bad thoughts disappear.

  5. The digestive system also performs its function properly as the blood circulation throughout the body is equal.

  6. Fatigue disappears and the body is easily active.

  7. Good qualities such as patience, tenacity, restraint, self-confidence and determination thrive.

  8. Makes more profit with less energy cost in less time. Can provide vital energy. These yogasanas promote the health and beauty of the people. Family planning is also possible. People with healthy sattvic tendencies become burdensome exchange contributors to society. A simple life of balance, protecting oneself from evil ways, his pro-discrimination

From today onwards you can add yogasanas and try to stay healthy.

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