breaking intoAshes then again StandingUp

Tejasvi Zutshi

6 months ago|less than a minute read


Into the sea I see,

wavy feelings, misty eyes;

a calmness snatching the content,

a wreckage of heart like the tides,

At some shore lost to be found,

Breaking the shell to have no bound.

Into the mountains I mourn

stern spirit, feircy soul;

burying own ruins under the snow,

framing the core so bold,

At some peak finding my heights,

Echoing voices, croak the self-chastise.

Into the sky I fly,

absolve tone, pacified breath;

self amity dive through the clouds,

making me a piece of joy

At some depth growing my high,

Anew, Valiant, A sanguine I.


Hi, I'm Tejasvi Zutshi. A human just like you. I love writing to express the chaos of peace or peace of chaos within.



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