A Letter To Indian PM – You Fulfilled Promises, I Will Vote For You

And ask others too.

Abhudai Pal

Abhudai Pal

Jul 18|4 min read

Disclaimer – All the opinions are subjective and is a fictional work of author. Resemblance to reality is a mere coincidence.

Dear, Prime Minister of India.

India was suffering from a plague, back in 2014. (The plague was called corruption.) You weren’t just a mere prime-ministerial candidate from B J P, but a hope for the nation. You wanted to make India from a jobless growing economy to an economy which absorbs the unemployed.

Your development model of Gujarat was contagious, and India wants it to be replicated in its every nook and corner. The agenda with which you fought the elections were the need of hour.

The women safety in India was in brothels. The corruption level by UPA-II had already worsened situation. The inequality in India was rising and Billionaires Swiss bank account was inflating.

In U.P.A regime, the corruption was a new normal. The economy was shivering. CWG scam, Coal SCAM, the son in law of India was flourishing at the expense of taxpayers. CBI was called as ‘caged parrot’ by honorable Supreme Court of India.

Undoubtedly, India was in dire need of a leader who boosts India’s morale and fulfills the country with hopes of equal society, welfare of poor, MGNREGA payment on time, a crusader against corruption, strict implementation of law and order, punishments for culprits of scam, and peaceful coexistence of all religious communities.

Your manifesto major issues were, corruption, black money, credit of 15 lacs in every bank account and creating 1 crore jobs annually at a roadshow in Agra. You have successfully spent 4 years in office as the most influential man of India.

I will vote for you and your party in the coming election. I have reasoned out to influence my circle to vote only for you. But before I do so, I have some honest confessions, as the citizen of India to make.

I think, the money you sent in my bank account is somewhere stuck in banking procedure. I know you have fulfilled your promise and its some mistake of the bank’s system. Please look into the matter.

Black money increased in Swiss bank after you reign in as P.M. And I wonder why Jaitley Ji is saying, that all money in Swiss Bank isn’t Black. I think you didn’t guide him before giving such statements. It gives a bad impression.

When some students from a nowhere university became so strong, that they are discussed in Parliament, I guess even my concern is worthy of discussion there.

I appreciate your advice to sell pakoda. After all, in such a vast country, we need snacks to feed people who go out for work. Selling Pakodas is the only profession which has the potential to absorb such huge labor force. I am telling you, the opponent’s party are jealous for not having such amazing ideas.

The people, who eat beef, must be punished. I have seen the best justice being done by people only. Thus, I am convinced, that they must be promoted. It is good that you gave warning to mob lynching but did nothing.

You gave interview to Sudhir, Arnab, Deepika but Ravish is left out. I know, Ravish is a person who doesn’t know to respect P.M. Thus, you are right by not giving him an interview.

And we have talked enough of other people. Let me tell you that the BJP slogan, ‘SABKA SAATH, SABKA VIKAS’, which was manifested on 9th Nov, 2016, is my personal favourite.

Your demonetisation decision is a masterstroke. I found every human being in line for changing their 500 and 1000 rupees notes. Everyone was cheerful to get rid of Black Money. Although this caused a loss of few lives, this was more than needed. Big changes need, big sacrifices.

And you know what, the atrocities on SCs, STs, Muslims and minorities are due to biased reporting of news channels sponsored by opposition. They did so to malign your Gujarat riots image.

The nepotism/favoritism in your govt, is kept at bay. Jay Shah is an honest and hard-working individual. That’s why he multiplied his wealth 4-5 times. He is a source of inspiration for the budding entrepreneurs.

I am satisfied by your performance as every promise you made is fulfilled. Your school bag yojna like other schemes will also be a hit. You have given so much to the people of India that you have become a ‘fakir’ now.

Yours critically,

An exasperated intellectual Indian.

Abhudai Pal

Writing is liberation from preconceived notions to me. It’s a medium where I am completely who I want to be. Countable words in English language and meaningful arrangements of words, makes me and my writing thought provoking. You can decide the rest for yourself.