At An Age When We Begin Understanding Emotions, Is It Okay To Fall In Love?

At An Age When We Begin Understanding Emotions, Is It Okay To Fall In Love?

Bhai wo dekh teri bhabhi ha!

May 8, 2018

Article By- Abhudai Pal

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She is too pretty.

He is innocent as well as studious.

I think I have fallen for her/him.

You don’t have the right to speak a word about him/her, I love him/her and now even God can’t separate us.


‘Tumhe hoga PYAAR tab malum padega.’, I heard it from my friend.

These are certainly not movie dialogues, but rhetorical statements of “TEENAGERS” who fall in love. (It seems to be guided by Romantic movies.)

As a teenager, I was an avid viewer of two serials - “Yeh Hain Aashiqui” and “Love by Chance”. I fantasized that my love story may resemble to any of these episodes. They always end happily and romantically. I too wished the same to happen with me.


But after a few years of life experience, I am convinced that such romantic co-incidences don’t happen. I took 3 years to realize this reality – to realize that the feeling of love is undecipherable. I strongly support falling in LOVE, but when we are in our TEENAGE is it okay?

I asked this question to my friends. And most of my friends said a “NO”. Out of curiosity, I tried to find the reason of “NO”. Here are some reasons I found:

Immaturity – Teenagers, due to lack of exposure to real world, understand love merely as talking together, walking together, and feeling good. They think “Pyar Khalege, Pyar Pehenlege, Pyar Mein Naha Lenge, etc.” but believe me, till now I haven’t had “LOVE” in my menu.

Confusion - Teenagers confuse themselves between LOVE and LUST. They consider mere attraction as love, which is certainly not the case. Besides these, they try to imitate their elders (who are couples and successful), to feel “GROWN-UP”.

Show-off- Their parameters to fall in love are looks, status, iPhone, availability, personal vehicle, and many other symbols of pompousness. Moreover, due to their lack of thinking, they don’t consider “FUTURE” life. “Live in the moment” jibe has worsened such situation.

Why our teenagers think like this?

Bollywood is the main culprit here. The Hindi films are a great influencer when we talk about the notions of love.

“My prince charming will come on White-horse, Propose me on a mountain, Go on an exotic place for date, Will get many surprise weekly, etc.”, these thoughts came to my mind because of B-wood only.

Now I understood that this is all utopian expectation. Love is not full of invalid expectations. When our TEENAGERS choose these parameters to fall in love, then “HOW COULD IT BE LOVE”?


The consequence of such love isn’t beautiful. Rather the consequences are disastrous.

Teenage Pregnancy - It is the result of of hurry to experience sex without considering future consequence of it. “TERE- SANG”, a movie has been made on this issue and shows the fantasises of teenagers and their innocent understanding of love.

Slitting of Wrist- Some teenagers lost their conscience, and they choose to end their life. I mean how could love force someone for suicide. Love binds, strengthens individuals and if one has to end life because of it, something is gravely wrong about his understanding of LOVE .

Running Away – Because the teenagers are quite aware that they are supporting their fantasies, they resort to lying and escapism. They run away from reality, parents and home, just to pursue their fantasies of LOVE.

Now, I would like to ask you, people, the same question - Is it wrong to fall in love during teenage?

Absolutely not. You’ll find nothing wrong in falling in love. You’ll say love is in the air (Oxygen hain na) and everyone breathes it.

Is it the mistake of Age?

Well, ‘yes’. Yelling to your kids won’t help. But talking to teenagers about it and giving them a perspective, which helps them to take a call on LOVE will.

Tel them to fall in love, not in lust. I don’t know the correct age of falling in love, but I know love is intrinsic and not for fun purpose.

Love is no commodity.

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