Khalsa Aid International Are Superheroes Who Wear Turbans Not Cape

And they believe in ‘Sabat da bhala’

Sana Ummeed

Jul 18, 2018|5 min read


You wake up half eye opened in the morning, order your spouse to get you your tea and restlessly search for your newspaper, because it is your daily energizer, but as soon as you open the first page of it, you find so many disheartening headlines that you feel like throwing away the newspaper.

Headlines of rape, harassment, corruption,and so on are so common in India

You feel like shutting the newspaper up, but then you realise that this act of yours will not change what is happening all around you. Everyday the number of cases of such disheartening news are rising.

With a sigh, you start turning the pages. As you reach the second or third page, you still find the same thing. You again turn the page. Once. Twice. Thrice. The type of news remains the same.

Your heart, just like mine, starts wrenching and your soul feels pitied. But suddenly, you read something like this:

A selfless sikh NGO, Khalsa Aid, served Iftar to 5000 Syrian Muslim refugees in the holy month of Ramadan

The smile on your face gets stretched widely across your face.(Am I right?) The same happened with me when I read this news.

What is happening in the world is not hidden from anyone of us. But who is taking the initiative to repair the damages done is a matter of concern.

When I was all prepared to lose hope in humanity, this news restored my faith in it. The selfless Sikh NGO, Khalsa Aid made me realise that kindness is still creeping in the hearts of many human beings.

Khalsa Aid International gave some of the best pictures on the internet in the past few months.

You know why? They risked their lives to save lives of many. They rescued a lot many kids in Syria, that they became superheroes of their lives.

A UK based non profitable organisation, Khalsa Aid, was founded in 1999 with the sole purpose of healing the wounds of the people. This selfless organisation, aiding humanity since almost two decades, was set up by Ravi Singh when he came in contact with the miseries hurled by some refugees.

Since its establishment, Khalsa Aid has dedicated itself to healing the wounds of people. With all hearts and resources, the members of Khalsa Aid are helping people, who are affected by wars or anti humanitarian acts.

Members of Khalsa Aid first made it to the headlines when they aid and abet the Rohingya Muslims.

The Rohingya Muslims were on the verge of extinction in Bangladesh. They were termed as "one of the most persecuted minority of the world" by the United Nations. Members of Khalsa Aid, a sikh NGO saw the need to heal the pain of their Muslim counterparts.

Khalsa Aid provided food and other aids to the refugees and won heart of many people across the globe. However, there were many who opposed their selfless services [sewa]. (But who cares!)

Khalsa Aid and their Sewa are unstoppable.

They again made it to the headlines this month when they distributed Iftar Packages to the Syrian refugees in Lebanon and Iraq in the holy month of Ramadan.

Muslims, across the globe, fast in the Month of Ramadan. When they break their fast in the evening, they have to consume some food. Unfortunately, the refugees in camps do not have enough food and adequate water supply. Thus, breaking fast is very difficult.

Khalsa Aid (just like superheroes) came to their rescue and distributed Iftar packets to them. Not only this, they also gifted new toys and clothes to the children in Garwana camps, Iraq, as Eidi on the occasion of Eid (the end of Ramadan).

Do you remember the joy which we felt when even after having everything we were given Eidi (festivity) by our elders?

Just try to feel the happiness of those refugee children who received these gifts after having almost nothing. Amidst so much chaos and fear of death, they saw some happiness coming. They might have never thought of having this kind of Eid in life

Not all superheroes wear cape. Some superheroes wear turban too.

Members of Khalsa Aid, have from time to time, helped many people who needed assistance. ‘Langar', a concept established by Guru Nanak Dev, is carried forward by them in the disaster and war affected zones.

Khalsa Aid have served hot meals to the people affected with floods in Manipur, Chennai and other places whenever needed. When there was a disastrous earthquake in Nepal, Khalsa Aid served hot meals to the affected people for more than 6 weeks.

The whole team of Khalsa Aid has won our hearts. These are real Sikhs who are following the real teachings of Guru Nanak Dev and Guru Granth Sahib. They are people to whom we should look upon for inspiration.

You don't need to make huge donations.

You simply need to devote.


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