In Pursuit Of Multiculturalism, Justin Trudeau Came Down To India With His Family

Not as a tourist, but as a pilgrim.

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Jul 18, 2018|3 min read


Justin Trudeau is a great supporter of multiculturalism. He believes that a better understanding of each other’s differences can be achieved by a better understanding of each other’s cultures. His views led to the construction of a more open and more inclusive world.

Citing the example of schools, where children of various faiths, ethnic origins, and appearances, study together, Trudeau hinted what needs to be done. Children helping their Muslim friends during Ramadan, reading the Chinese horoscope to start their day and having Japanese as their other language, would be a dream, but not a difficult one.

He himself has a multicultural cabinet, with 6 Sikh ministers. The number is surprisingly higher than the number of Sikh ministers in Modi cabinet, which rests at 2.

June 27th is the multiculturalism day in Canada. It has been coined to celebrate the diversity that Canada has, with around 30% population not being of Canadian origin. At the table are Pakistanis, Italians, Jamaicans, Chinese, Indians, and Canadians, together making the large caucus.

The Canadian PM came down to India on last Saturday, 17th February 2018, on a week-long tour. He had a long list of places to visit to understand the Indian ethnicity and culture. His family comprising of his wife and three kids have accompanied him on this tour.

He started off by visiting Gandhinagar in Gujarat. These pictures of Trudeau and family at Akshardham are a proof that multiculturalism flows in his veins.

He later visited the monument of life and also one of the seven wonders of the world the Taj Mahal. He shared a feeling with Agra, for he had last visited the place when he was 11 with his father. And today, he was here as a father with his three kids.

He even met the Bollywood celebrities in Mumbai and sought their cooperation and coordination in the film sector. He has started Indian film projects in Canada, to boost multiculturalism.

Not just this, he even met students at Ahmedabad and businessmen at Delhi to strengthen the India Canada ties.While many have criticised his multiculturalism theory as leading to no growth and development, he is actually looking out for a more better world.

Our Incredible India is the best example before his eyes. And why wouldn't it be? We value each other's cultures. We celebrate each other's festivals. We respect each other's beliefs. We hope Trudeau takes a bag full of lessons with him on his way back to Canada.


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