Critique Of Govt Are Harassed To Give Up – Will Rana Ayyub Too?

Critique Of Govt Are Harassed To Give Up – Will Rana Ayyub Too?

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May 31, 2018

Article By- Abhudai Pal

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Journalism, Journalism, Journalism.

What exactly does this word imply?

It is considered as the fourth pillar of democracy. We read or hear what these people, calling themselves as a journalist, write or say. In other words, we believe what they present.

But, as a journalist, what is their duty?

Their duty is not just providing us the information. Their actual duty is providing us with authentic information.

They are often blamed for spreading lies in society. They are criticized for being so pessimistic about any issue, as if they were trained to look at the dark spot of the moon, despite its beauty.


The notion that some media houses are ‘ambassador of lies’, seems authentic. But if you closely observe ARNAB GOSWAMI, SUDHIR CHAUDHARY, NAVIKA KUMAR and BARKHA DUTT, you will feel the notion.

It seems as if these journalists promote their own ideologies instead of giving news. The first 3 names are die-hard fans of PM Modi, while the latter name is a strong critique of our PM. But there are creative at their own levels.

After listening to different views on the same topic, a viewer widens his perspective and wonders how journalists are experts in twisting facts to prove their point. Now, consider the next question.

Why same issue has different headlines?

Cow vigilantism takes place and they show it like - ‘In a country where cows are worshipped, they are being killed’ or ‘hang the people who hand our cows’ – what versatility!

In this whole scenario of being biased toward an ideology, “the freedom of expression” of a journalist is preserved. I disagree with many and I respect their own opinions too. Here's an example from Sridevi's death.

Isn’t that the beauty of Indian democracy?

Dissenters get equal space. Every ideology is given chance to promote until or unless it creates chaos in society, or breaks law and order of the country, or harms any body’s sentiments.

However, I am amazed to see that this doesn’t happen in the Narendra Modi era.

“I am not against criticism, I am against allegation” - P.M Modi

If PM is right, then why Gauri Lankesh, Shantanu Bhowmik, Narendra Dhablokar, Govind Pansare, M M Kalburgi and many anonymous journalists are murdered?

May be because of their thought provoking articles against the government. Or their proclamation of freedom of speech.

So, what is the present state of Journalism in India?

As evident, Journalism in India is dying because it is murdered. The reason why press or electronic media is no longer ‘free’ is explicit support from the people in power.

The threats faced by dissenting Indian journalist, Ayyub Rana, is so grave that United Nation experts says her life could be at risk.

Do you have a sister, daughter, wife, female friend?

If any of your above mentioned relation is trolled on twitter, her cellphone number and address is published on Social Media, her WhatsApp is filled with hatred messages, she is given gang rape threats, she is accused of being an ISIS sex slave, and called as Jihadi Jane, your blood would boil.


Such are sentences used for her. The lady, Ayyub Rana is an independent journalist. She faced all this in the Narendra Modi era and PM Modi never mentioned about it ever in any of his ‘Mann Ki Baat’. Giving a statement against people who sent such messages or threatened her was far away.

She got all such brazen message because of her impulsive writings. Being a woman adds more woes to her work. She gets messages on her sexuality. And that’s sign of ‘Being Bhakt’ - if you can’t argue, start abusing.

To all such men, who comment on someone else’s sexuality, I have a question.

How about many people doing the same with your female family members?

But, I am not free as well. I can’t go into the depths of making you realize this.

Another Journalist who is facing Death threats is Ravish Kumar. Being a male, he doesn’t get rape threats but the intensity of rest of the threatening messages is similar to those of Ayyub Rana.

When did these Journalists become so powerful that abusers began targeting them?

If they are spreading lies, telling the truth to country or creating a propaganda, they are not posing any danger to the people or government they are talking about. It is their work and they are doing it.


But when a celebrator of Gauri Lankesh murder is followed by a leader of our country, I can’t expect the people in power to understand this profession.

How I should hold nerve and hope that things will improve?

What United Nations noticed, should we worry about it?

Why is the conclusion and solution unknown?

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