Being The Pure Amongst The Impure, Amritsar Knows Not What It Actually Is

The joyful capital of India.

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Aug 21, 2018|4 min read


When you need to kneel, bow, confess and seek blessings, just head towards this city. The sun is always shining. The birds are always flying. The good things are all there preserved for you in the Amritsar city.

Irrespective of how much your life is messed up with things, how many things are agitating you, how many things are disturbing your mind, when you reach this place, everything looks simple, calm and divine.

1. Drench In Gold

The Golden Temple, Amritsar - Clicked by Musafir

The first thing that anyone who visits Amritsar should do is undoubtedly drowning in the golden waters. Just soak in the breath-taking splendour of the Golden Temple at Amritsar, Punjab and see all your wounds healing from inside. 

The comfort of Gurbani and taste of Langar at the temple will ask to seek shelter there forever. And trust us, it is home to millions around the world. Put out your shoes, cover your head with your handkerchief and walk around in solace. 

FYI, the foundation of Golden Temple was laid by a Sufi saint on the request of the 5th Sikh guru. It was rebuilt by king Ranjit Singh and came to be known as Harmandar Sahib.

2. Melt with Butter

Buttery Naan Chole, Amritsar - Clicked by Musafir

Being in Amritsar, you can’t miss on the flavoursome buttery naan chole. It is the street food that will pull you towards itself in no time. Lassi and Malai Kulfi will make you their fans. 

You will be forced to skip eating in the lavish restaurants once the aroma of Dal Makhani and Sarso Ka Saag incites your nostrils. The Desi Redis (pushcarts) on every corner of the street will convince you to board the Amritsar express again and again. 

Again FYI, Kesar Ka Dhaba is a well-known name in the Amritsar food market due to its dishes. Maa Ki Dal, Palak Paneer and Lachha paratha are an altogether different dish served by them. Besides this, Makhan Fish Corner is world famous for its Amritsari fish.

3. Wander in Streets

Streets of Amritsar - Clicked by Musafir

You will never have enough of Amritsar food and Amritsar shopping markets. In fact, your tour will be incomplete without roaming in the streets of the city. The tantalising marketplace will convince you for staying there a little longer. 

The streets of Amritsar have recently been renovated, to outshine with a pinkish look taking you back to colonial India. Lost in tales of history, you will become a shopaholic when in the Amritsar streets. Phulwari shawl, Juttis, Salwar suits, Papads and Wariyan (Bari) will bring you closer to Amritsar memories. 

FYI, the Jallianwala Bagh, inked in history for the Jallianwala Bagh massacre, still bears the marks of the bullets that were fired open by the British. Around 1000 people were killed there.

4. Pose in Fields

Fields of Amritsar - Clicked by Musafir

The visual treat to the eyes is the view through the train window when it passes through the fields. The golden fields, waving in the wind strokes, charming the sky is a scintillating sight. 

You literally go back to the DDLJ song when you glance at the mustard fields of Amritsar. It is almost like Shahrukh and Kajol had wandered here, hand in hand, only yesterday. It is simply the most romantic setting you can imagine. 

FYI, the Bollywood celebrities born in Amritsar include Dara Singh, Rajesh Khanna, Jeetendra, Akshay Kumar, and Kapil Sharma. Besides them, the singer Sukhwinder Singh is also a star from Amritsar.

5. Breathe the Patriotism

While the golden gate welcomes you to the city, the Wagah Border bids you farewell. It is the only road border between India and Pakistan, with around 30k people daily visiting the place. 

The moment you step the premises, you can feel the tune of Jana Gan Man resonating in your ears. The fascinating thing about this place is the Beating Retreat Ceremony, which is held every day before sunset. You will have goosebumps. 

FYI, the Beating Retreat Ceremony also includes the closing of the international gates and lowering the flags of both countries. It is a year-long tradition. The soldiers from both nations meet at this border post and engage in a 30-minute display of military showmanship.

Amritsar city is a panorama of ethnic, cultural, political, spiritual and historical reminiscence of India. It makes everyone who comes there ‘Amritsar Wale’.

Nirbhau, Nirbair. (Without fear, without hate.)


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