10 Traits Of A Foodie That Distinguish You From Everyone Who Loves Food

Food is bae. The love for bae is blissful.

Sana Ummeed

Jan 4, 2019|5 min read



You might have heard this word so often. Everyone who seems to love food, claims to be a foodie. Additionally, some of them become food bloggers on Instagram too. (Yeah, you laughed right.)

But, do you think a foodie is just a person who loves food? 

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What about a person who can eat anything and everything at any point in time?

What is the correct definition of a foodie?

Feeding Trends will remove all confusions about a 'foodie' today.

If you go and find out the literal meaning of the word foodie, it will say, 'a person with a particular interest in food', 'a gourmet'.

However, to a foodie like me, this is an incomplete definition. This incomplete meaning really does no justice to the divine term foodie. I used the word divine because a foodie is a person whose love for food is divine.

A foodie is holistic towards food.

The best way to identify a foodie is to see the way they respect food. Food is their religion and eating is their caste. Obviously, caste was decided earlier according to the work one does. Foodies can be classified based on their eating habits.

If you still think that you are a foodie, know a bit more to know what it takes.

Undoubtedly, Indians have an immense love for food. We don't wait for any occasion to eat lavishly. Whether it's a birthday or a great grand wedding, we have a "Chappan Bhog" on our plate.

Nothing less than 20 dishes are a part of the menu, including starters and desserts. 10 traits of an Indian foodie are given below. (Find out if you deserve to be called a foodie or not.)

1 - You don't wait for any occasion to eat a heavy feast. You are always hungry.

2 - Rain = pakoras + tea . Nothing less, nothing more. The wait for rain is justified with chai and pakoras.

3 - You remember festivals by the name of the delicacies that are made at that time. Eid is for sewaiyan and Holi is for ghujiya.

4 - Keeping fast is a tough job for you. The mice in the stomach become restless.

5 - You have your cheat days almost every other day. You cheat yourself too for food.

6 - You go to weddings not to congratulate the couple but to eat. Afterall, they have spent so much on food.

7 - The major part of your salary is spent on food and thus you are broke at the end of the month.

8 - You don't miss any opportunity to ask others for a party. 'Bhai party' is your tagline.

9 - You don't care about the calories you consume. Your weight is your weight after all.

10 - You know about the specialties served at various outlets. You are the "chalta-firta menu card" for everyone.

If you fulfill all the above requirements, you can proudly tag yourself with the label of a foodie. And trust me, it is not at all easy. You have thoughts of food going around in our mind constantly and to avoid them at work is a herculean task.

Not just eating different types of food is an attribute of a foodie, but having a technical knowledge of each food item is what a foodie is skilled about. By technical knowledge, I mean ingredients, recipe, preparation time, etc.

So next time, whenever someone claims to be a foodie, you know what traits you have to look in for.

Challenge all pseudo foodies today.

Keep eating!


Sana Ummeed

I am a sufi by heart and a writer who is like a free-bird. I love stories, and I love to write stories as well. You will find many stories in my works and I will be adding many more in future as well. I believe in the fact that when you're different, you must convince people to accept you for who you are. Do accept me for who I am.



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