UP Investors Summit :Presumed As Backward, Uttar Pradesh Attracted 2000 Industrialists And Investors To Sign 15000 MoUs

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Aug 10, 2018|5 min read


As the first metro runs between Transport Nagar Station and Charrbagh in the morning, the city of Lucknow picks up its pace. Everybody heads towards their destinations, cumulatively contributing to take UP to its destination of being the most powerful state of India.

Realising this, the UP Investors Summit 2018 was organised in Lucknow. This was a magnificent step in glorifying the future of India, just like its glorious past.

Grand preparations were made to attract investors and investments of around 4.36 lakhs in UP. But the question is what opportunity did these industrialists and investors see in UP?

Are these the same people who were once reluctant to even listen to the thought of coming to UP? What compelled them to come down to this presumedly backward Indian state?

As many as 2000 industrialists and investors attended to Investors Summit 2018 and over 15000 MoUs were signed. Isn’t that huge? What makes UP such a potential area for investment?

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The reason is not just 1. Here are the 10 reasons why UP can empower new India, making it the golden bird once again.

1 - Agriculture and Food Processing

UP is number 1 producer of Mangoes and Potatoes. It is among the top 2 producers of vegetables and rice. Every year around 20 MT of wheat and 40 MT of other food grains are produced by Uttar Pradesh. Investments in agriculture will make India strengthen its agro-based economy.

2 - Renewable Energy

Uttar Pradesh has the capacity to produce 28 GW solar energy, 3043 MW biomass energy and 10 MW hydel energy. Realising the power that UP can supply to entire India, 3 solar cities are being planned. Investment in this sector will end the crisis and boom growth.

3 - Tourism

Nobody can deny the fact that Uttar Pradesh has lived up to every tourist’s expectations. It is a top cultural destination in India, with Agra, Lucknow and Banaras forming the heritages arc. It has the 2nd hugest footfall of domestic tourists and 3rd highest of international tourists. Great opportunity!

4 - Electronics Manufacturing

UP is looking forward to transformation by becoming the largest producer of consumer electronics. Noida, Greater Noida and Yamuna Expressway have been declared as electronic manufacturing zones in Uttar Pradesh. There will be an abundance of EMCS, Semiconductors, and Consumer Electronics !!

5 - Dairy

Amul doodh peeta hai India,but do you know that Uttar Pradesh is the largest milk producing state in India? With over 6379 milk cooperative societies, more food processing and packaging units are being set up in Uttar Pradesh.

6 - Handloom and Textile

For your information, UP is the largest exporter of handmade carpets in India. It isn’t also among the top 3 fabric producers and top 5 silk producers of India. There’s great opportunity to invest in strengthening the 2.58 lakh handloom producers in India.

7 - Civil Aviation

Besides road transportation and railways, Uttar Pradesh has also seen 30% growth in regional air traffic. Seeing the potential that fast and rapid travelling can give to businesses, upcoming time will see airports at Jewar and Kushinagar. Come and go in no time!

8 - ITeS and Startup

Uttar Pradesh is the leader in software exports and it has to be the top-notch destination for IT services. With over 51.8 million internet subscribers, the state contributes so much to digital India!

9 - Film Making

Uttar Pradesh has been awarded the most film friendly state and recently films like Jolly LLB 2 and Raid have been successfully shot here. It isn’t close to becoming India’s favourite filming destination, besides contributing to 60% of India’s box office collection. Lights, camera, action!

10 - MSMEs and Labour

52.38 lakh MSMEs are already existing in Uttar Pradesh, the second highest in the entire nation. With such a vast labour base, the major clusters of MSMEs are already present in UP. Investments to make each district known for its product, (ODOP - one district, one product) have been calibrated!

Why Invest in Uttar Pradesh (UP)?

Uttar Pradesh is one Indian state that has a uniquely positioned geography, large contribution to the agro-based Indian economy, great reservoirs of land, biomass and water, youngest digitally connected workforce and above all, a promise of progressive leadership.

UP - powering new India is apt. With 22 crore Indians residing in this state, the potential and support that India can get is huge. If you are an investor or industrialist, visit UP soon!


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