Cause Of World War 3 Has Come – Are We There Yet?

Or nearing it?

Sneha Manoharan

Jun 29, 2019|5 min read


Do you think we are close? Will we be a part of it? Will we survive it? These are just some of the questions one must have come across while thinking of the WWIII (World War 3). 

However, these are not the most important questions related to World War 3 (WW3). Why would there be another world war? What will cause World War 3? How significant would be the next world war? These are really important questions.

Personally, I think of the breaking out of WWIII because I’m extremely obsessed with reading World War based books, and from what I can tell you, it may just cause the end of mankind or damage it to such an extent that we would literally have to start over again; that too in the case if there still something left to start over with. 

Sounds pretty much like Dooms Day doesn’t it? But what could possibly bring such times upon us? What would lead to world war 3?

Can Nuclear Weapons cause World War 3?

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I believe that this time a lot more countries would be a part of the third world war. It could merely be because of the power play or a valuable alliance. And today almost every country has a military alliance. We read about it all the time and of course, nobody just wants to be a spectator, who could potentially invite a casualty. 

Let’s take a brief history of the relationship between nuclear weapons and countries       

The world’s nuclear-armed states possess a combined total of roughly 15k nuclear warheads.

Out of that 15k nuclear warheads, 90% belongs to Russia and the United States.

Among those approximately 9600 warheads are in military services.

The political controversies and in some countries the extremities are no assurance towards a situation that would lead to war within countries. 

And when I think about the power play, one particular event prominently pops up in my head; the Hiroshima and Nagasaki attack. It was not just a blow to Japan but a gruesome scar to mankind. So nuclear weapons can be a cause for the 3rd World War to happen.

Can Terrorism lead to World War 3?

Yes, what about terrorism? Could it be a cause contributing to such wide-scale mayhem? I strongly believe it could because they are the ones who are most evidently the current threat to world peace. 

Terrorism, to me, could be a very likely reason for such a large scale war. Every year we witness cases of terrorism in some way or other. The numbers are significantly large and the anger will burst out any day. 

The world’s governments would come together to target a particular nation, which they hold under suspicion to be hiding terrorists. This would breakdown into a massively destructive war, spreading to the other terrorist organizations and the world.

Can Water Resources lead to World War 3?

If World War III broke out today, it would definitely be over water. Many scientists and hydrologists believe such a conflict could break out as soon as 2025. And we have the indications before our eyes, with the Indian city Chennai suffering from the shortage of water. 

Water is required at every step in our life. In such a scenario, the breakout of World War 3 could be for access to water, for economic benefits, or for strategic reasons. Many conflicts across the world find their roots in the ongoing water crisis. 

According to a report by NASA, 21 of the world’s major 37 water sources are distressed, largely because of climate change or overuse from human consumption. A majority of these are located in Asia, followed by Africa. The Americans and Europeans have a hard time understanding water scarcity because they have never faced it. 

Thus, it could be possible that the ongoing multinational water disputes – the Indus water treaty between India and Pakistan, Nile Basin conflict, sharing of water of Ganges with Bangladesh, East Asian disputes (over the Mekong river involves China, Vietnam, Myanmar in lead roles) Central Asian disputes (Uzbekistan is fighting Krygystan and Tajikistan), etc. can trigger the third world war.

Can Artificial Intelligence cause World War 3?

Well, Elon Musk had tweeted that Artificial Intelligence could be the cause of World War 3, and the pace at which AI is entering human lives hints the same. We could reach a stage of AI advancement wherein one of the AIs could decide that a preemptive strike is the most probable path to victory.

Elon Musk’s tweet can be considered a warning to the nations. Too much of anything is good for nothing – it applies to AI as well. For easing out our lives, we should not put the entire world under risk. Maybe the World War is fought by nations to become the AI superpower and control the whole world.  

How important would be a commoner’s life in World War 3?

I’d like to progress to my other question - how important would a common citizen’s life be? Would we be looked upon just as a number among many or would we be the very first priority? 

If you ask me, I believe that it would be the same as that if Germany under Hitler’s rule. It would empower the elites and the backward would remain just that in a futile war with no specific agendas probably. 

Living under the government in the early and mid-1900s was hard enough but now with all the advanced surveillance and the technology today with the extreme rules under an emergency war situation. There would be suppression and doesn’t this world already have a lot of it. 

Where would be the breakout of World War 3 located?

If you look at the fast-paced, powerful nations of the world - China, India, Pakistan, Israel and other major leaders such as South Africa, Egypt, and Iran, you know that these nations are big enough to have war among them. 

And, if World War III occurs it will be in Asia, where there are enough of nuclear powers, preparedness for war and unsettled past disputes.

In the End 

Could terrorism, nuclear weapons, etc. possibly become the face of such mass scale destruction? 

Or would a government be acting behind them to attain the upper hand in such a situation? 

Or will there ever come a dictator so power hungry that he would be ready to sacrifice the wills and fates of the entire mankind? 

Let us wish for the day to never come. 


Sneha Manoharan

A book at a time can make a lot of difference. So I resort to taking one book at a time and procrastinate for the rest anyways with a black coffee in hand and opinions in store.



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