Working from anywhere becomes so popular nowadays

Now, it is popular to work from home.

Ikhsan Bani Bukhori

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At this time, it is quote popular to work from home, than from office. It looks great since the employee doesn’t need to be in hurry, stay on traffic jam and feel so tired after coming home. Besides from home, you may be introduced to the new concept of working from anywhere.

What does it mean?

It is called working from anywhere, where you are free to work from home, public place, hotel or somewhere else as long as you get the job done. It means you are free to do what you want do as long as you get your job done punctually, as usual.

Working from anywhere

If working from home means you have to be at home, working from anywhere permits you to go wherever you want to with one main condition, good internet signal. Why? Because you work online and it totally depends on the signal. If you are in suburb area or maybe at the beach, make sure you have great connection. Otherwise, just say bye to your job.

What are pros and cons?

There always pros and cons from some policies applied. The pros are like usual, you are free to work from anywhere even from tourism area. You have more spirit to work since you are in good mood. Moreover, setting up your schedule gives you something to enjoy as long as you know. In a simple way, you can say work hard and play harder, agree?

Besides pros, cons always accompany just like a romantic couple. What you need the most is to focus. Sometimes when you are from somewhere else, your job will be distracted, even disturbed by something happens. Once you lose the focus, the job will follow which means losing. Low reliability can happen especially if working from anywhere with new people who never meet before. This one could cause the lack of community. It sounds horrific, doesn’t it?

Blessing in disguise

Sometimes you can say this is blessing in disguise of Covid-19. However, always be thankful for whatever happened. One of the blessings is working from anywhere, after from home of course.

To be honest, working from home or anywhere has been applied by several companies, especially startup long before the pandemic spreads out. But it sounds so weird at the time because most people think working should be in office.

Some perspective that changed dramatically years later. Nowadays people tend to working from anywhere, home or remotely as long as not in office. Sounds funny, right? But this is life. You just need to adapt for whatever happens and changes. Never be up against the change.



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