Wonderful Woman

Beauty of a woman.

Prashasti Rai

May 13, 2021|1 min read


Wonderful Woman

Waist long brown curls, curvy figure.

It’s not just all to define a woman of much stature.


She is a phenomenal gift made by nature,

with its spunk and spark, pride, attitude, and amazing demeanor.


She has the power to venture and to have joy in the adventure.

Power to rule the world with her eye and with love as her sixth sense.


To a man who proposes to her, shyness flooded her common sense.

Drooping, still she has the capability to reach the mountain.


A proud mother, a sister, a wife.

She can fight with the world without any yardstick or any knife.


Yeah! A world is just an isolated land without her.

Dignity, trust, love is all to be given to make all the difference to the world and to her.


-Prashasti Rai

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