Women Empowerment Example Manya Singh | How To Become A Model

Journey of village girl to Miss India.

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It's Monday again!

A day to do marvelous things and achieve so much.

Today, this segment is dedicated to how to become a model, which symbolizes the story of a Miss India runner up Manya Singh who is a perfect example for Women Empowerment.

But you all will agree that on Monday specially we all lack so much of motivation to get anything done.

Video Link: How to become a Model | Success Story Of Miss India Runner Up Manya Singh

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This Monday you are presented with a story of a village girl which is quite marvelous and motivating in itself. This story of Miss India Runner up Manya Singh, which will help you all beat your Monday blues out of you and achieve all your goals, even this is helpful for the ones who are seeking the answer to how to become a model.

The story will surprise you of how much this girl wanted to achieve even though things weren't in her reach or beyond her reach. Miss India Runner up Manya Singh had the zeal to leap beyond and against the boundaries set by the society and the destiny in front of her, and became perfect example for Women Empowerment.

In order to complete her education and achieve her goal, she had to run away from her home as told in the video. A mere girl of 13-14 years of age had so much courage and confidence, that in future she set an example for trhe girls or professionals looking for the answer to how to become a model. She had the desire and hunger to learn day-by-day and achieve what she was aiming for, this dedication made her an example for Women Empowerment; It is what we all need to feel to get all the motivation we need to push ourselves in the right direction.

Watch the complete video to discover the journey of self growing Miss India Runner up Manya Singh. It's the video which will let you know the exact meaning of Women Empowerment, that if you decide that you want to achieve something then, Universe will help you as well if you move in the right direction, and especially for models, who are looking for the answer of how to become a model.

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This story of Miss India Runner up Manya Singh who is the 1st runner up of Miss India 2020. Who could have imagined that a girl who ran away from her home, from a village would achieve so much of success and greatest at such a young age, and portray right meaning of Women Empowerment.

You never know what you are capable of. You just need some guidance and a goal to move into the right direction just like she did. Watch the video if you are looking answer for how to become a model, or wants to understand the true meaning of Women Empowerment.

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