15 Winter Skincare Tips That You Must Follow

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Winter is here!!! and so comes winter dryness, chapped lips, cracked heels so on and so forth but this winter no need to worry about your skin as I am here to deal with all your winter skin problems and give you the best homemade remedies. 

Winter Skincare Tips

Winter can be really harsh to those with sensitive skin and all you would do is scroll through google to find the perfect cream or the expensive moisturizer but will never realize that you can get a perfect glowing smooth skin at home using some homemade remedies and of course, it will not have any sort of chemical in it and will never ever harm your skin in any way. So, here we go:-

1. Applying oil can be a problem for most of you but here, I have got advice for you all. 

Apply two drops of almond oil with a little bit of aloe Vera gel and voila, your skin will glow instantly. Oily skin types can apply almond oil with some drops of rose water and one tablespoon of aloe Vera gel.

2. Skincare is incomplete without the process of exfoliating your skin. 

But, never over-exfoliate your skin which will not only give you pimples and rashes but will damage your skin permanently. Exfoliating your skin once a week in winter will give you better results. 

Take two tablespoons of besan and one tablespoon of curd, mix it and apply it all over your face and body. Besan( gram flour) will exfoliate your skin and remove all dirt and dead skin cells and talking about curd, it will leave your skin buttery smooth and shiny.

3. Skincare involves a very important step and that is moisturizing your skin. 

For that, mix a few drops of glycerin with a few drops of your favorite moisturizer and apply them all over your body to get nourished skin.

4. Avoid constantly touching your face or your pimples( if you have any). 

This is a very bad habit which will lead to more and more breakouts.

5. Always use a clean towel to pat dry your skin as maintaining a hygienic relationship with your skin will give you clear and acne-free skin. 

DO NOT panic if you get one or two pimples on your face. MORE STRESS EQUALS MORE BREAKOUTS. So, just relax and drink a lot of water.

6. Winter Skincare is all about keeping your body super-hydrated. 

So, drink a lot of water and yes, most importantly, MEDITATE. Meditation not only relaxes your body and mind but also reduces your stress and of course that will leave a perfect glow on your skin.

7. Improve your lifestyle- eat nutritious foods

This includes citrus fruits and nuts, staying hydrated, going out for a walk and enjoying nature, avoiding stress, sleeping well, and there you go you have all the mantras to get a healthy skin naturally.

8. Wanna add glow and shine to your face?? Apply a night cream daily. 

Now, the question arises as to which cream should we apply and which will give us the best results? No worries folks, I am here to tell you about my homemade cream which absolutely showed me the best results. 

Take three tablespoons of aloe vera, one tablespoon of almond oil or your favorite face serum, few drops of rose water and its ready!!!

9. Now there is a process to apply it all over your face. 

Take a little bit of your homemade night cream on your palm and gently massage it in the upward direction of your face.

10. Now, people who have oily skin... I will advise you to take two tablespoons of aloe vera, add few drops of any of your face serum and gently massage your face.

11. The most effective way to soothe your cracked heels - clean your legs with a pumice stone and two tablespoons of shampoo mixed in lukewarm water. 

Pat dry your legs with a towel. Mix one tablespoon of glycerin and two tablespoon of olive oil mix it well and apply it in your cracked heels and wear socks. Try to do this method at night and within 10 days you will see noticeable results.

12. Now, let's talk about your chapped lips. Want your lips to look beautiful??? 

Drink a lot of water and yes of course, I will share a home remedy for your lips to be smooth and soft. Take a pinch of powdered sugar and mix it with one tablespoon of honey and gently massage it with your fingers. In no time you will get a buttery smooth and soft lips.

13. Do not wash your face numerable times with cold water as this will make your skin dry and rough.

14. Winter skincare is quite difficult but if you just dedicate your 15 min to self care and self pampering, your skin will be blessed!!! 

Avoid using so many chemical products as this can permanently damage your skin and can cause you wrinkles and spots.

15. Last but not least, winter skincare is incomplete without talking about your rough and dry elbows and knees. 

Mix two tablespoons of curd with two spoons of lemon juice, add one big spoon besan (gram flour). Apply it on all your joints and wash it after 10 minutes. Use for 10-15 days for best results.

Caring for your skin is a kind of self care and self love which you should definitely practice. A day of pampering your skin, your body, your appetite will not just make your skin glow but will release your stress and enhance your mood. It will rejuvenate your soul and make you feel alive and refresh. 

It will even prepare you for your weekdays. So guys, dress well, eat well, love yourself, take care of your skin and body and comment to me below if you want more skincare tips.


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