Why You Need to Take More Risks

You might only get one opportunity.

Ben Tucker

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Life is full of great opportunities. You never truly know when your next door might open. I would imagine that if you are reading this, you have at some point passed on a great opportunity.

So have I.

Given that opportunity has the power to change your life, why would you pass on something like that?

We can all admit that fear, failure, uncertainty, and comfortability all play a role in why we turn down opportunity.

As a species, we like comfort. Comfort is easy and consistent.

Opportunity will always come with a host of negative uncertainties. But ultimately ask yourself, what do I have to lose?

If you can’t truly think of a plausible or impactful reason to not do something, you’ve already planted the seed of doubt and hesitation.

Opportunity never waits, and those who seize it reap the rewards.

Fortune Favors Those Who Swim Upstream

Regardless of where you are from, we all likely grew up under the same governing principles.

You go to school, you learn some things, you get a stable job, raise a nice looking family, and retire happily and comfortably.

Standard, cookie-cutter, and battle tested. We are programmed to follow this plan because it’s what 99% of those before us have done. And don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with this plan.

If this is what gives you happiness in life, go for it.

But, this is downstream swimming. For the most part, this is a comfortable and sustainable plan. There is very low risk associated with living this life and it is very easy to follow.

But what about upstream swimming? What about going against the grain?

What I mean by this is taking more calculated risks. Taking a leap of faith when logic sometimes proves otherwise. Defy logic.

And this isn’t just about money or your career. Take more calculated risks across all aspects of your life. Do what you are truly meant to be doing.

Chase your dream career, follow the person you love, do something you’ve always wanted.

There is far more reward in life by actively pursuing what you are meant to do. Don’t sell yourself to traditionalism, veer off the beaten path.

Even the pursuit of doing so will be fulfilling.

Life is far too short to let opportunities pass by. Assume you are never given a second chance. Your first chance might be your only chance.

Taking more risks in life is admittedly terrifying, uncomfortable, and risky.

Don’t do anything that YOU deem stupid in life. That is not a calculated risk.

But absolutely take risks you want to pursue. Let others doubt you. Doubt is the greatest motivator and also the sweetest “I told you so”.

If you live a linear path in life, you likely won’t end up doing what you truly were meant to do.

Take more risks. Accept those risks and bask in their rewards.

End the Defeatist Talk

We’ve all been here. We’ve all defeated ourselves before the fight has begun.

Negative, defeatist thoughts are easy to create, and nearly impossible to eliminate. Don’t be your own downfall.

Opportunities are frightening because their outcomes are unknown. Our brains are wired to protect ourselves against the unknown.

You never hear the story of the caveman who was the first to walk into the dark cave. Life is still full of many dark caves, the difference is, we don’t live in a world of dinosaurs. Fortunately, I might add.

The only dinosaur you are worried about is uncertainty.

Don’t accept defeat before the game has started. Always give yourself a fair chance. And if you fail? Great. You’ve now just learned something new that you didn’t before.

Failing to prepare is preparing to fail.

If you approach something with a negative mentality, that is by definition failing to prepare.

If you do accept an opportunity, as you should, don’t checkmate yourself.

A defeatist looks backwards not forwards. An opportunity was presented to you for a reason, don’t doubt yourself by thinking otherwise.

Weather the Storm

If you accept a new opportunity in life, it’s naturally going to be difficult. It wouldn’t be an opportunity if it wasn’t.

Like I said, we love comfortability. We love doing the things we are best at, over and over and over again.

But comfort is evil. Comfort is a master ventriloquist.

We are hypnotized by the easy things. It’s only when our landscape shifts that our character is truly tested.

The only caveat of a new opportunity is that no one provides an instruction manual. Good. Instruction manuals are boring anyways.

You may find yourself seizing an opportunity where you have no idea what to do. Learn as you go. Don’t find reasons or excuses to do otherwise.

Success is a long-term game. Don’t be infatuated by chasing short-term mirages. Enjoy the struggle. Discomfort makes us smarter, adaptable, and sturdy.

Weather the storm.

Don’t quit at the first sign of trouble. An opportunist is willing to endure and persevere. Struggle often blossoms into success. It just needs time.

Be Unpredictable

Life is too short for regrets. You never know what the next opportunity will bring, or if you will even get one in the first place.

Capitalize on these moments. Seek out what others don’t. Pursue greatness, whatever that may mean to you.

Don’t sink into a dangerously easy life of comfort. Push your boundaries, cherish discomfort and failure.

Test yourself. Become better. I can promise that no one has ever regretted taking an opportunity.

The word opportunity is innately positive. Be an opportunist. Seek out what you are meant for. You can thank me when you do.


Ben Tucker

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