Why Traveling Is A Good Hobby

Exploration is a key part of human life

Sonali Negi

4 months ago|3 min read


"Travel the destinations that have been marked on your planet, covering them gives existence to place"

When a person is talking about traveling that doesn't mean that one should travel frequently or one should travel to earn money. But one should travel to explore new beautiful ways, to explore a messy mind, and to turn this traffic into peace.

The person who believes in climbing achieves a lot more than the person wishing and enjoying imaginary climbs. Create your own factors while you are traveling. Stop waiting for people to join you. I know that it is hard to travel so many places alone but we can start from short distances. once we will overcome the short distances the rest distances would get easier.

Traveling is peaceful

The time you move to a pleasant environment your brain starts working in a very subtle way. These cities you are working in, are just pressurizing you with loads of work. And I believe every human need some space to think clearly and to feel better. Have you ever seen yourself when you stay on your holidays and you make it productive? That time you feel extremely good, you feel proud of your own self. Wait! productive is not about creating something which is tangible but it means whatever you did, Did it make you happy? If, yes than go on but make sure something which is making your soul happy is not hurting anyone else. If you can't do something which is making other person also happy then atleast try not to hurting them.

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Traveling necessary for mental health?

See our body feel monotonous if we stay in same kinda environment. It need a change to get mix up into cheer, to feel valuable cheer. It is obvious that when you start delaying your work, when you feel that you are more into procrastination. These are the things you do when you really need some kind of good chage in life.

We feel comfort in our home only

That is obvious becasue like you work in an organisation. You get used to of your cubicles. You feel comfortable there only but sometimes you need a day off or you wait for weekend just to relax and believe one cannot live without working. The perfect example is this Pandemic, right? Anyways we were talking about comfort so I know that we are comfortable in our home, we are comfortable in laying on our bed but we also need something uncomfortable to feel that comfort again. When you stay away from something, you realise the real worth of the thing's you have.

Atlast today I would like to conclude with a thought that I know I always write some basic sentences in my articles. Like I talk about traveling and I also talked about comfprt, worth and most importantly the feeling of not hurting anyone. But I feel it is necessary to remind my own self these things.


Sonali Negi

A creative life is worth and indeed when you have a path to explore, mark and write.



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