Why Time Is Important

Time - A stone to keep

Sonali Negi

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A small clock is also valuable to be a dream setter


Time has the power of making something possible. Time is about creating and gathering as much as a good one can ever have. Time never stops time could never get replaced or changed. It never gives anybody an extra chance or opportunity. Time rebuilds you every time you find something different, irrespective of good or bad.


Why time management is important

It is very much important to calculate your schedules. Time has to be managed. I’m not going to tell you that if you will not react now then you will not able to make it. But if you wouldn’t react now then might be things are going to delay, that’s it. It is your choice whether you want it now or a few days later. Though I feel that managing the time and calculating the time I spend doing something productive is important. I don’t focus on things every day every minute but when I start doing something I complete it with all concentration. So basically, time management is something which takes your whole concentration at your work. For me, time management is at what time I’m doing this particular thing and at what time I want It to be completed.

We all are humans so we need some leisure time too and we should take our leisure time as a priority because when we would be free when we would be in peace then only, we would be able to complete our stuff.


Keep it in a yes list!


Time management is a habit

See I heard this thing from one of the most famous personalities Priyanka Chopra Jonas that if you want your time to be respected or valued then you first have to learn to respect others’ time. So, when you will start managing your time and you will start giving you targets, you will learn to give people time punctually. Management of time should be a habit because when you will keep it as a habit then you will be able to grow more efficiently.



Time management help in working life

It is a must thing to keep in mind for every profession no matter what you are doing, no matter what you are dealing with, no matter you are an employee or a boss. You should start learning time management from the very beginning. It will help you in every aspect. It will help you grow with sustainability.


In the end, I feel that one should learn time management from their college life. I will tell you why I’m emphasizing college life instead of saying school life. Look in school we can be a bit funny, we can be a bit careless because there are people who will understand that they are kids or they haven’t been into professional environments. But when you enter into a college people start saying that one is an adult. Heshe should know this or that, bla bla. So not for others' judgment you have to learn something. Instead, you should learn things for your life. You shouldn’t give anybody a chance to say a word to you. They will take you as an example at your back but never allow them to speak in front of you. Some people are here only to give judgments. Make sure that you are listening to the one who deserves your attention and time.





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