Why Do I Use Only One App For My Productivity And Why You Should Do The Same

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Ekta Bera

2 months ago|2 min read


Who doesn’t want to organize their stuff in one place? If you are one of them, I caught you. Enjoy reading and don’t forget to leave a comment.

The organization is a mantra for productivity. And I love my things to be well-organized; mostly the night before. But you know, what the tedious part was? I had to use multiple platforms to keep my things organized. It was really time-consuming because I had to devote extra time to organize my pieces of stuff differently on different platforms.

Well, what next?

Every individual is a researcher, isn’t it? So, I researched it and found a very cool solution. Precisely, the one-stop solution for everything.


Photo by Rubaitul Azad on Unsplash

I believe, by now, this name is not very unfamiliar. Still, just to make sure we are on the same page, I am talking about the software application available as Notion. This app is the go-to solution for everything like listings, to-do lists, journaling, managing databases, or writings, to keep track of everything, every detail, and organization.

Whether this is an individual project or teamwork, it just does the job very well. For individual projects, it is indefinitely free while team projects do have a plan to purchase after the free trial ends. The app is available for android, ios, windows, and for macOS which means it supports every device and everywhere so that productivity stays seamless.

The app is been live since 2018, and since then it is known for its wonders. However, I am using it for more than one year now and since then I was thinking to share this with you. As far as my experiences are concerned, I must say, simply, the best to date.

I am loving this app more than anything else. I use this for my list-making, to-do lists, journaling, and my blogs so that I can get all of them in one place. I call this app my productive buddy because together, we make most of the productivity.

Well, I use this app on my windows laptop. Although I have used it on my mobile phone and I personally didn’t like the mobile version of it. I believe, the mobile version still needs some places to be worked on. Rest everything works just pretty well.

Also, its minimal theme is just so soothing to me. Because I prefer minimalism, this app helps me maintain that. Now, I don’t have to download multiple apps for multiple works. And not just that, it has other very cool features for highlighting, detailing, and others.

If you are the one who doesn’t like to keep multiple apps for different purposes just like me, go for it! Just play around with the app, and I guarantee, you will fall in love with it.

Happy productivity!


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