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Regular maintenance, change of lubricants, tyres, and much more could all add up to the running cost of your car. Tyres are the most important and overlooked element in a car. Car tyre maintenance is essential as they are in direct contact with the road and if the pressure in the tyre, etc is significantly less or not proper, it can be a threat to life if the car is at high speed. Car tyres go through a lot of wear and tear when they are running. The friction and the heat generated between the tyre surface and the road can lead to an eventual decline in the tyre’s performance and safety.

There are some pivotal factors that affect the performance of the tyres:

·  Overinflation or underinflation

Inflation inspections are recommended as a regular phenomenon. Keeping your tyres properly inflated is one of the easiest ways to help maintain good gas mileage and extend the life of your tyres. Tyre pressures of the used luxury cars in Delhi NCR should be checked at ambient temperature before the vehicle has been driven. Checking the pressure on a car that has warm tyres can result in a pressure reading of up to 5psi higher than the recommended pressure. Check for the air pressure by;

o Removing the tyre’s valve cap

o Placing the gauge over the tyre’s valve stem and press firmly

o Adjust the tyre’s air pressure as needed

o Replace the valve cap

o Repeat the process for the other tyres

· Load on a vehicle

Uneven load distribution can lead to an unequal burden on tyres which can cause irreversible damage

·  Speed

Driving continuously at high speed can lead to reduced stiffness of the tyre due to excessive heating of rubber and internal wear and tear

·  Poor wheel alignment

For proper vehicle control, safety wheel alignment is critical, as soon as you experience your car pulling to one side, get them aligned.

· Inadequate wheel balancing

Wheel balancing the tyres involves balancing by positioning weights on the tyres to counteract the heavy spots.

· Rotation of the tyre

For optimum tyre life, rotation of a tyre is recommended to get a uniform tyre tread wear. It should work as per the manufacturer’s recommendation.

·  Condition of the road

Broken hilly, rough roads affect the car performance drastically.

·  Different driving habits

Rash driving, sharp turns at high speed, driving over significant obstacles, etc can hamper the life of your car tyres.

· Impact of the season

Structural durability or mileage is affected by different or changing weather like dry and hot weather in summers and cold in winters.

Common problems faced by the pre-owned luxury cars owners related to car tyres:

·  Issues in tyre pressure- tyre pressure safety

·  Usual vibration or thumping noise

·  Worn tyre tread- tyre tread wear indicator

·  Car pulls towards one side

·  Punctures or bulges- car tyre maintenance

Quick tips to keep the tyres of second-hand luxury cars in Gurgaon in good condition:

·  Rotate the tyres regularly

·  Scale and align tyres regularly

·  Do not suddenly accelerate or brake

·   Have reduced cornering speed

·   Change tyres after certain years/ kilometres

·   Keep a check on the pressure and depth

·  Keep the tyres clean and tidy

·  Always keep a spare tyre in perfect condition

·  Park your car in a garage or cover it

·  Get all-season tyres

There are several tyre maintenance procedures that automotive repair professionals should do as they require special tools and knowledge. Most crucial of them all include:


To gain maximum life and performance from your tyres, it is essential to rotate your vehicle’s tyres. Refer to your vehicle’s owner’s manual for mileage recommendations. 


Properly balanced tyres help maximize uneven wear and extend their life. when tyres are balanced, small weights are attached to the wheels to limit the vibration of the tyre and wheels as they turn.


If any alignment measurement falls outside the specified range, uneven tyre wear can result, vehicle handling may be affected and fuel economy can be diminished.

Your tyres are the only part of the car that has direct contact with the road. Tyres of the premium used cars in Delhi affect your vehicle handling, ride, braking, and safety. For optimum performance, tyres must have the correct air pressure, tread depth, and balance and the wheels of the vehicle must be properly aligned. If you drive over potholes and debris on the road, live in a cold climate, or drive along with distances regularly, then you should inspect your tyres more often. Always inspect your tyres before a long trip. The more often these inspections are performed, the easier it will be to find a small problem, such as a nail in your tyre, and fix it before it becomes a more expensive and time-consuming issue. Spending a few minutes with your tyres every month and a scheduled appointment with the best-used car dealers in Delhi can help protect your family, improve your vehicle’s performance, and lengthen the life of your tyres.



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