Which one better, working in Start-up or Corporate?

Which one, Start-up or Corporate?

Ikhsan Bani Bukhori

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A job is dreamt by graduates where they really want to get job with great condition, salary and so on. It sounds good because none is able to avoid the choice. Currently, the choice will be between Start-up or Corporate.

Which one you will choose?

Working in corporate actually became a job to gain after graduation. There are local, national or even international corporate who offer you great chance. There are also friends who has long experienced by working in the corporate, which gives good views of working there.

But at this moment, Start-up has become a new trend of working because of so many things such as flexibility, creativity and casual outfit. It sounds good as a new way. Here, there are mixed people who tends to choose start-up or stay selecting the corporate for job.

So, which one is better?

It will be better to tell about pros and cons between those 2 job options.

Pros at Corporate

Clear job desc
When you are placed in one department, you just need to follow the rule and the problem is solved. No need to find new solutions, as you just need to ask you supervisor if something bad happened.

Proud to be employee
Corporate, both national or multinational has a name and it gives a proud to their employees. For example, when being asked then you can answer “I’m an employee of *** company”.

Bigger benefit
Working in corporate usually will provide more benefits such as insurance, child care and so on. Most employees enjoyed it a lot.


Limited idea
Your idea is limited because all is available to follow. When you have an idea, hard to explain because mostly will be rejected for any reasons.

Fixed working hours
The working hours are set, usually from 8–5 or 9–6 pm. It is hard to ask permission between those working hours especially if you handle a project. It means you have to prepare time for work.

Get less satisfaction
If the project has been done, usually your big boss will be praised and you got a little attention, even though already help to solve the problem. Not any corporates like this, but it gives negative impacts for the employees.

Pros at Start-up

Flexible time
You are given a flexible time which means no fixed working hours. Moreover, usually you can work from anywhere as long as your job gets done. Enjoy it?

Share your idea
If you have any idea, just share and you have possibility that your idea will be approved. Even, usually there is AB testing, means you suggest something and just do it directly without any rejection. If it works, go on, but stop it of it fails. So, be creative is very good here.

Opportunities to learn
You may ask for training if you really need and usually it will be approved. You have so many chances to improve in start-up. Slowly but surely, do better, be better and get better.


Unclear job desc
You get only a direction without clear ways. Sometimes you have to think of how to get there as soon as possible. For instance, you are taught about ABC and your job is to solve DEF problem. Hard? Need to work smarter.

Small benefit
Usually you get a little benefit in start-up because they are really new company. Even, you don’t need to be angry if you get no insurance and child care. Be patient and pray to get it soon.

No name
Start-up is usually in new period so none knows the name. Probably when you say “I work in start-up”, your friend may ask “Where is that? What kind of corporate”. So, enjoy with this condition.

After knowing pros and cons for working in Start-up or corporate, just select one that suits to your condition and your desire. Hopefully you will enjoy after choosing.

Remember one thing, work harder, smarter and sincerer!


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