Which Is The Most Common Color Used In World National Flags?

World's National Flags


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The colour red can be found on 75% of the world's flags. There are 195 countries in the world, which means there are 195 different flags to see. Of course, other countries with similar flag designs include Monaco and Indonesia. The colours of a country's flag convey a lot about the country's identity, its struggle for independence, and its past greatness, and they will always be a source of pride for its citizens. And, when it comes to colour schemes, it's noteworthy to note that red is the most commonly used colour in national flags around the world.

What Are the Most Common Flag Colors?

This strong and daring hue has been used in the flags of 148 countries. Some of the countries that do not have red in their flags include Argentina, Brazil, India, Pakistan, Honduras, Ireland, Somalia, Ukraine, Greece, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Palau, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Cyprus, Gabon, Rwanda, San Marino, the Bahamas, and others. Apart from red, the most popular colours in world national flags are white and blue. White is used in the flags of 140 countries, whereas blue is used in the flags of 102 countries. Sri Lanka and Jamaica are the only two sovereign countries in the world whose flags do not contain the colours red, white, or blue.

Let’s know about Vexillologis: A person who designs the world National Flags

Yes, and a vexillographer is someone who examines the symbolism of flags. So, who is responsible for designing a country's national flag? When it comes to flag design, each country has its own history. When it comes to the United States, the first American flag was designed by Betsy Ross, an American holster. The Stars and Stripes, as well as Old Glory, are alternate names for the flag. Similarly, depending on its design and colour pattern, each country's national flag is given different names. While national flags are frequently improvised over time, several countries hold competitions to create them.



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