6 WhatsApp Marketing Ideas For A Restaurant

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Nowadays WhatsApp is the most popular messaging platform in the world. Everyone who is from a rural and urban area is using this app because it's free of cost, easy to use, and has availability of more features.

90% of the population are using WhatsApp and even the small children can handle its features and options.

Promoting our brands and products in WhatsApp is said to be WhatsApp marketing. It connects the sellers to the customers effectively and they can have good relationships among them.

They can create groups and can chat, voice call, video call also available. They can increase sales by using WhatsApp. Our products can reach enormous people and they can share with others. Promoting our business in WhatsApp is called WhatsApp marketing.

Importance Of Whatsapp Marketing For Restaurants:

Whatsapp Marketing Ideas For A Restaurant

As we came to know that WhatsApp is one of the messaging platforms which is widely used by the world. Introducing our restaurant idea to WhatsApp can make more success to our restaurant. 

Because almost 8 out of 10 people are using WhatsApp, so in that way, our restaurant can reach everyone and we can increase sales.

We will have a group for our restaurant so that we can post all the updates and offers, etc. As people became engaged with their works, they are offering online more than offline, so that they can save their time. 

So, they can order their food through WhatsApp and can pay money online or cash on delivery.

BY using WhatsApp we increased our sales percentage and economically we have developed a lot. More orders are ordering by the people because of using a regular, easy app.

We can send them offers, gift cards, updates very easily and we can communicate with them very easily and we can maintain a good relationship with the customers.

6 Whatsapp Marketing Ideas For The Restaurant:

1. Foodie Photos:

As everyone is interested in selfies, photos, and using different applications. They are more attractive to photos. 

Posting high-quality photos can increase our sales. It defines our restaurant items.   

2. Loyalty Programs: 

Partnering with the foodie apps can also increase our sales and customers' visit to our restaurant. As everyone is using online food delivery apps so they are more chances to visit our restaurant too. We should offer them offers, free discounts, etc.

Popular foodie apps that offer loyalty programs are:

  • Belly
  • Loyal Blocks
  • Level Up

3. Show Off Your Staff:

Showing our staff can also make a positive note. 

They can feel happy and pleasant by seeing their faces. It increases reviews, views, and sales.

4. Social Media Presence:

Creating an account on Facebook, Twitter can increase the sales to the peak. Our regular updates, posts, presence make the customers feel that we are maintaining a trustful restaurant.

Our updates can make them visit regularly. Because most people are using social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, etc.

5. Partner Up With Delivery Services:

If we use our online delivery services with our restaurant our sales can increase a lot. 

The partnership between these two is more advantageous.

  • Seamless
  • Eat24
  • Grub Hub

These are some of the delivery services.

6. Offer Coupons And Discounts:

We can offer coupons and discounts to the new customers to attract them to our restaurant. Offering a free dish can also make them visit our restaurant. 

Many people are curious about coupons and discounts and they prefer this method.

Hope these Whatsapp Marketing tips will help you boost your sale. Do share your experience with us in the comment box.

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