What You Should Know About Anti-LGBTQ+ People

Why They Are So Mad

Marie Cadette Pierre-Louis

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After having engaged in different conversations about the LGBTQ+ communities movements and difficulties, I realized that I hadn’t pointed out the reasons why some people are so mad at these communities.

Although there might be different elements behind each person’s biases towards homosexuals and gender non-conforming people, I have come to observe some similarities between the anti-LGBTQ+ people.

Most of them are members of religious communities or/ and conservative groups, combined with different other factors, such as lack of empathy, intolerance, lack of information or misinformation.

After analyzing different anti-LGBTQ+ discourses deeply, I found out a much unexpected revelation about them, which have me draw these conclusions:

1. Anti-LGBTQ+ people don’t choose to be who they are

Freedom is one of the first step toward maturity. The aptitude and capacity to choose who we want to be is one of the core facts that prove we have become mature. That goes along with the freedom to choose who and what we consciously want to be part of our life, as for friends and partners (or any other important person, animal or thing we acknowledge to be specials for us).

When I refer to maturity when talking about the LGBTQ+ communities, I include both our societies and us as individuals.

If someone thinks that they can tell people who they must be, maybe they as well are the person they are because they are obliged to be so. Now, the question is: Are the anti-LGBTQ+ people have this journey? Or they have learnt from some religious norms and social expectations that they must be against people who have chosen to be free? Is their straight identity something they have chosen consciously? Have they come to think about any other possibilities?

Most of them just picked the gender they have been assigned at birth without any further questioning, and they feel that they are obliged into being what they have told to be.

2. Anti-LGBTQ+ people ignore the facts

As it has been proved in this research, most people don’t choose who they want to be, they are biologically and psychologically oriented to be fluid as for gender, and *** orientation.

Besides, no one is totally masculine, nor totally feminine, as for gender expression. That doesn’t mean that we all must be identified as transgender. It depends on the intensity of each identical traits in our own life. For the non-binary people, their identity is generally in the middle of the spectrum, and most of us who are consciously straight, have more tendency to stick around one side of the gender spectrum.

What do you think about the anti-LGBTQ+ movement? Do you agree with them? Or not?

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