What to expect from your editor !

What To Expect From Your Editor !

karanbir singh

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What to expect from your editor!

The biggest mistake most writers make after completing their first draft is jumping to proof reading as they don’t know what to expect from the editor. They believe the editor's only job is to correct your grammar, and pass passive suggestion but it is way more than that but before everything one should know what are the different types of editing process.

This is to make you informed so that the next time you ask for a service make sure you are aware of what to expect from which service and remember that at times different types of editing overlaps a bit, yet they are still distinct from each other.

1. Developmental editing : 

This is the first stage of editing, and is usually done for books, academic papers, research papers, op-ed (opinion oriented articles ) or articles. During developmental editing the editor largely focuses on the content of your paper and will keep a check on the big picture and ask questions like, does the material or the book make sense to the plot defined or intended? Is the flow of the story in order? are there parts distracting the audience? are the ideas well developed and articulated? the editor will usually leave notes for you to consider and recommend big changes if required and at times the editor may even delete sections or suggest adding more information, developing character .They brain storm with you to make sure that all each aspect of your story has reached its have full potential.

2. Structural editing : 

Once the editor has realised that the story and its characters are developed properly the focus is now shifted to Structural editing, where they look at the overall story. They focus is more on the logical flow, style, tone, and general quality of writing, Are there any major logical flaws pertaining to the story? The structure helps you to set the pace of the story and enhance clarity.

3. Copy or Line editing : 

Now that the characters and the story are developed, well structured, and you are happy with the flow of the story, we shift to the next main step of editing: copy editing. Now the editor focuses on making corrections to your spelling and punctuation the emphasis is more towards grammar, choice of words, and enhancing your overall writing quality, avoid overly long or awkward phrasing and repetition. The idea here is to simplify your writing so that the meaning is clear and not overly convoluted.

4. Proofreading : 

This the final stage of editing, once your article, book or academic paper is developed, structured, eloquent, clear and grammatically correct. Proof reading is the final rehearsal, where the editor make sure, that your paper is throughly checked of any accidental human error, and ensures consistent capitalisation, abbreviation, and punctuation. Often times copy editors also provide proofreading but from my experience it is always better to use a fresh pair of eyes.

It is important to know the difference so that you can clearly communicate your needs while hiring an editing service or a type of editor to review your work. This way, you can make sure that your paper receives the all attention that it needs and in the end you will be left with an eloquent, well articulated and flawless piece of work.


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