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Sonali Negi

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In my lifetime, I have heard so many people talking about success, defining success. Everybody has its own definition of success. All have different meanings, all have different statements. And I must say that they all are right, they all are speaking the truth. Every time a question arises about success, someone comes and adds on one more meaning, one more definition because this is something that is very relatable for every creature.

Success is the inner satisfaction

Now the thing which has popped up is how could success be calculated in the form of inner peace. I mean this is something about the reach one is having. Yes, maybe different people have different ideas. But have you ever noticed that one person is living at the highest mountain and have done something incredible? Now the thing is, at that place he is the only one who is living. Okay, might be he is a public figure so people may be able to reach him there but the media can recognize his win. That’s okay someone has recognized him but at the time he was cheered and happy he was in need of somebody who would celebrate it with him. At some point in life, we all hustle for reaching the top level, and sometimes we leave our dear ones somewhere behind. The time we reach our destination and the time we win we don’t have anyone to celebrate. It totally means that somehow even at the top position our soul is not satisfied, our joy is missing so what kind of success is this. Something which is not even making a person feel okay.

Success is Legacy

Of course for some, it is a legacy that has to be maintained. It is an aura that has to grow day by day. The time one person becomes a personality, the time when one person reaches a particular figure. That figure defines his identity. The person becomes more strong and tries to reach a higher level. Growth and legacy become his way of success and he always tries to maintain it. When a person acts as a spotlight, each and everyone tries to pin that person which means that many humans will notice his behavior. He has to maintain his personality as every moment passes by.

So in the end, I will sum up by saying that different meaning of success doesn’t mean that doubts are there. "It simply means the way your heart pumps up and your brain catches the meaning". It means that your mindset is satisfied with your definition and for you, this is the real justification.


Sonali Negi

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