What is Beauty?

A Poem

Shivani Tanwar

12 days ago|1 min read


What is Beauty?

What is beauty?

Is it a duty to keep beauty?

Is it natural or it’s made?

Or maybe it’s fake?

Is it fair or dark?

Is it vested with a particular class?

Is it mine or it’s yours?

Is it divine and pure?

Is it in a picture or it’s real?

Is it a captive of the color it bears?

Is it sad or it’s happy?

Is it brave or it’s empty?

Is it about entertaining people with the looks you have?

Is it viewing in a mirror which reflects you back?

Is it about powder or paste?

Or is it about having the right taste?

Is it in the eyes, or in the lips?

Is it about making beautiful by giving tips?

Is it tall? Is it short?

Is it doll? Is it dwarf?

Is it restricted or it’s free?

Is it a forest or a tree?

Why look beautiful? Why look fair?

Be the way you are. Everywhere.

Appreciate yourself, respect yourself.

You are natural and rare.

You tell me what it is?

I don’t know, what beauty is?


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