What I find strengths in.

Mindset is the key

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What I find strengths in.

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your mind is your magnet, your world is your magnetic field. Your thought process is your magnetic field, your body is your magnet. Your body is your grasp on reality, your thoughts dance around your imagination until you capture them in a task which gives you strength in how you dedicate yourself to your task. The more thoughts you capture while dedicating yourself, the more of the task gets done. You find strength more in doing tasks that require you to dedicate more thoughts to the process and in return, these thoughts are exercised like a muscle and their ability to then take on tasks from there on becoming better and more efficient.

Everyone who wishes the most of themselves only has to dedicate themselves to the power they wish to get in return. The question comes when you have the task in your grasp, with the understanding of a task comes the knowledge of the depth required. The challenge you have come to can be your task if you choose but it could also be the task of someone else that would benefit another better, while you dedicate yourself to taking on bigger tasks. A true genius fills himself with knowledge equal to having many hands and many feet, by the way, the knowledge they hold is released.

Learning everything is never required, but learning how to use a multi-tool can be all the tools someone needs to master, to be able to master many things. With the correct want, you can learn anything.

Learning how to create wants that give you a broader life.

Wanting turns into action when you apply the correct want. Someone merely wanting to gain something or lose something, has no chance of ever gaining or losing and if they do it’s only come by in short sentences. A person needs to turn a want into an action by applying their wants in such a way that it leads them to take actions.

You always find it so much easier to do something when the requirement increases enough. This process is best described by a person getting eating when hungry. So many things in life are left as a need we fill when the need comes along but with this, we treat our wants as a reflex action that is only tapped into when the nerve is touched right before the act of needing takes place. This stimulates the movement created by the force of what was needed and projects the person further from that point.

If you learn your stimuli and how you need to apply them to gain the right efforts of yourself, you then have the ability to turn your end desire into your initial practice so that everything you have done, would all reflect well on how you wanted to perceive the outcome.

You turn your end goal into the process by matching the things you do with your end result. If you want to create more value so that you are more valuable as a person, you would start with small things that added value and the smaller they are, the more of them you can accomplish. Just keeping the thoughts in your mind that you wish to add value into the world around you, will manifest in such a way that creates places for you to add more value. When we add value, we’re met with value in return, Like switching on a light of a room so that all the people you added value to are the ones who needed to see something in the dark and you gave them light by what you did. Life is equal to E=MC2 This means that The C2 is light squared, which means that everything in life is captured in light and the ones you add value to, you’re adding light to.

When we hold the idea that a person’s life is equal to the light they capture and the light they shine, we create a depth of understanding that gives us the power of knowledge. If a government can hold the power by what switch they press or piece of paper they hold, then a person can hold equal power by what knowledge they give into the power of life.

Only what a person gives his understanding to, has power. When we focus on something, that something grows. If everyone listened to something, that something would be heard everywhere. The idea is only to give your thoughts to what’s growth brings more strengths and waters the needs of those strengths.

A person's understanding is the hand that grasps the knowledge they wish to understand. The understanding of a person is directed by the thoughts of the person and these thoughts get shaped by those we let speak to our understanding. A mind is only as strong as the knowledge it holds, but a mind can also be an antenna for the knowledge it seeks. The knowledge of an individual is the building of a city and you exercise your knowledge when you brush it against pillars of knowledge.

Life is a box of lego and it’s up to the occupiers to build the world they wish to live in. Life may look like it’s already built, but this is just a maze to fill your thoughts to lead you to act upon your world, but in fact, everything you act with is something you are creating and you should wish to build things that will sustain the world you wish to inhabit. Nothing has been created until you create it and everything you see is just a poster on the walls of life.

you walk through life with everything you need because everything comes to you when you seek to create something. You are a thought experience of life and life is your thought, so the second you create an action, life replies with a space for your action to take place. The room you live in will always be built with everything you do and it’s this room that attracts others looking for more room to build their room with. The more people that live in your room will encourage many more to join. Your room is equal to the knowledge that your room is built with. The knowledge you build with will encourage those who share this same desire and want for similar building processes.

Closing thoughts

The mind is the world you live in and if you love to see beautiful forests and landscapes, you first must create these thoughts that lead your mind to grow like a forest and be displayed as the landscape you wish to be surrounded in.

The growth of an idea, is the growth of a plant, the more you tend to this plant, the bigger It will grow and the more fruits it will yield. The growth of a plant requires the steady concentration of life, till the life of the idea becomes a life capable of growing itself.

An idea can start as someone writing his thoughts on a piece of paper, till the ideas written, become plans of action. Plans of action carry ideas into physical places, where physical places become the flow of energy that gives thoughts to those who visit.

A correctly aligned thought can produce all the outcomes entailed in the idea. The only question a person should ever ask, is, what do I need to learn? Learning is as challenging as doing, because like doing, learning needs to be done when required. Learning how to do something, is no different from physically building a building. You won’t build foundations if you’ve got everyone working on roofing. Learning works best when you have the knowledge as you require it and it always starts with, what are you held back from? Question yourself what you would like to achieve and then take the smallest act in that direction till you’re led to take bigger actions. Using the idea that you’re creating value, while actively seeking to add value will give you a moving force capable of attracting everything you need. Any limitation a person faces can always be faced with the wants of their actions to overcome their lack of options.

Someone who wishes to build but has no bricks would use their drive to build wants, and the materials would appear as they applied their wants to the world around them. The want of a person is far greater than “possibility”, but possibilities are created when the person directs their wants towards their actions.

Your mind is an idea and it's your job to anchor your idea to an act of motion. You can be a road that connects many places or a light that drives many to see.

Every idea you move forward, will in turn move you forward. Every question you answer will answer your question with equal insight. The more capabilities you create will give you more capableness.

You can have everything you want if you give everything you have.

You don’t have to give 24/7 but you do need to give 100% when you give.


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