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London Bridge is down—that is reportedly the code that will trigger the plan of action and events that will follow Queen Elizabeth II’s death. It will be a dark day. The Queen, the oldest surviving monarch in the world and the longest-reigning queen of the United Kingdom, will have died. Here are 10 things that will happen after Queen Elizabeth II, dies.

1.     Charles will become king.

The throne is never left unattended. In the event of the Queen’s death. Charles will automatically become the king. He will be proclaimed King Charles III, the day after his mother’s death. In a ceremony at St. James’ Palace, he will swear to protect the church, and then he will head off on an immediate tour of the UK visiting Edinburgh, Cardiff, and Belfast. He will then meet with the leaders of the devolved governments. As Charles is sworn in, the UK will now know a new queen Queen Camilla his wife. There are likely to be mixed emotions about this.

2.     The prime minister and the Commonwealth will be informed.

Immediately after the queen’s death. The prime minister of the UK will be informed. She or he will then inform the 15 governments outside of the UK, where the Queen is head of state, then the 36 other Commonwealth nations, for which the queen is a figurehead, will be informed. Commonwealth countries include Australia, Canada, and New Zealand.

3.     The news will go out to the public.

The Queen’s death will undoubtedly make global headlines. News is likely to spread pretty fast and will officially come in two forms. The Royal Family’s official press Clarence House will provide a press release to all news sources. Traditionally, the BBC is the first to hear, although it’s unlikely that they will receive such a benefit in modern times. Meanwhile, at Buckingham Palace, a footman dressed in black will put up a black edge notice on the palace. Gate. The Royal Family website will be turned black and news reporters will also wear black on camera. Of course, all news publications in existence will have their queen’s eulogy on file and will have practiced for this exact scenario. It’s just good Journalism. Radios will change their regular programming broadcasting services and more frequent news updates. The BBC, the UK’s public broadcaster, will not run any comedy on their main channel and they will change that scheduling to accommodate breaking news. BBC radio will play only appropriate music and news will be read every 15 minutes.

4.     Parliament will be recalled immediately following the death.

That’s right immediately following the death of a monarch, Parliament will be recalled. So this is both the House of Lords and the House of Commons. If the Parliament is in recess, MPs will be expected to make their way back to London. If the prime minister is not in London, they will also be expected to return as a matter of urgency. Parliaments in other Commonwealth countries will likely meet too.

5.     There will be 12 days of national mourning in the UK.

The Queen’s death will trigger 12 days of mourning in the UK, as well as other likely mourning periods in Commonwealth countries. On the day of her death flags will fly at half-mast. A lot of businesses will send their employees home. The royal parks will ban all games and some international and national sports may be called off for those that aren’t, the national anthem will be sung at each match. The Queen’s funeral will take place nine days after her death and in the mourning period. Outpourings of tributes are likely to be made. The stock market will be closed on the day of the funeral, and perhaps for more days during the mourning period. Her funeral will be a national holiday in the UK and may also be a holiday in other Commonwealth countries.

6.     If the Queen dies abroad or elsewhere in the UK, there are transportation plans in place.

Ultimately, she will be taken first to Buckingham Palace. Then she’ll be taken to Westminster Hall, where she will lie in state until her funeral. As she lays in state, the public will be able to pay their respects, which huge footfall expected. The funeral will take place at 11 a.m. at Westminster Abbey with around 2,000 guests inside. This will include officials from across the world. Her body will be taken to Windsor Palace later that day. As her coffin travels by road. A lot of people are expected to turn out to watch.

7.     She’ll be buried in a vault at Windsor Castle.

The Royal Household will travel ahead to Windsor Castle and they will have a private ceremony, as the Queen’s body is descended into the Royal Vault.

8.     The money would change

Somewhere along the 10-day timeline of events surrounding the Queen’s death. The order for new money to be issued will come from the UK and all Commonwealth countries that use the British monarch on their cash. Eventually, coins and notes of the Queen’s face will be replaced with that of King Charles III. Now, this next point is pure speculation, but a lot of people are suggesting it could happen. If it did, it would be the most dramatic event.

9.     The possible breakup of the Commonwealth.

Australia’s prime minister and opposition leader both want the country to be a republic. If Australia did become a republic, New Zealand, Canada, Bermuda, Barbados, and the rest of the Commonwealth countries may wish to follow suit. It’s also quite likely soon after that, Charles will tour the Commonwealth to try and consolidate his position.

10.  We would have a period of reflection.

After her death, there will come a moment of national and international reflection. Queen Elizabeth II has seen much change over her reign and, sadly not all of it has been good. From a country with an empire to none at all from a country number one on the global stage to one of decline in national power. Britain’s position is not the same as it once was. The Queen has lived through a lot, and I hope that her reign continues to see international peace and that she doesn’t have to witness the breakup of the United Kingdom. Whatever anyone’s thoughts on the queen she’s been a strong woman and a unifying force for a country that finds itself less unified by the day.



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