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Dogs may be a man’s best friend, but are you theirs? Have you been paying attention to the little things your dog might be telling you Just because dogs can’t clearly say “Bro that wasn’t the vibe” doesn’t mean they’re, not talking to you, you have to speak their language? More specifically their body language. In this article, your Dog’s body language will finally be explained, So let’s jump right into it.

1.     Tail Movements.

Dogs are almost always ready to get excited. No matter what’s, going on they’ll, hop on and start celebrating with you, even if it’s the little things. That’s something they usually convey by wagging their tails and being super excited. However, their tails wagging downwards or in between their legs are trying to tell you the exact opposite. When that’s happening. Your dog is scared, anxious, or upset. There might be something going on in the room. That is upsetting them and you should take it seriously and figure out what that might be If they’re standing tall with their tail curved and up they’re sizing up to someone and might even go in for a fight So when in doubt check their tails to figure Out what they might be trying to tell you.

2.     Smelling Crotches,

Some dogs are just a little too direct. They’ll straight up, come up to you, get all up close and personal and start smelling your crotch. This might feel a little too weird because that’s not really how humans say: hi but it’s exactly how dogs roll Whenever dogs greet each other. They smell each other’s butts to figure out who the dog is and if they’ve met before. Sometimes dogs see people as really tall dogs and start sniffing their crotches too They’re not trying to be weird they’re, just saying: hi.

3.     Whining

People think that “wants” are just a human trait, but it’s. Not Dogs can want things too And well. They can even get a bit too touchy about it. If they don’t get what they want. They’Ll start whining. Think of it as a toddler, saying, “Mom” because that’s exactly what they’re doing They’ll even pair the whining with other signs to tell you exactly what they want. If they want to go outside they’ll whine and then walk to the door. If they want food, they might kick their bowl around. Whatever it is, they want it and they’re not going to stop whining until they’ve got it.

4.     Panting.

Have you ever accidentally said the word “Walk” and have heard your dog zoom over to you in two seconds, tail wagging and breathing extremely fast. That’s your dog being super excited for the walk you’re now going to have to take them on. But not all panting is the same. If there was no mention of the walk or any other words that might be a happy trigger for them and they’re just sitting around and panting there’s something else going, on. Dogs can start to pant when they’re overheating or super stressed out. They’re, either using the panting To cool off on a hot day or in an attempt to calm themselves, down.

5.     Yawning

Yawns are contagious chances. Are you just heard the word yawn and yawned yourself, when your dog yawns they’re not trying to tell you, they need a nap there, trying to tell you something’s up. If a dog feels threatened but wants to back away from a possible fight., The yawning might Even be paired with them licking their nose repeatedly too. That’s them trying to calm themselves down. This doesn’t necessarily mean there is a threat just that they feel threatened. A Lil head rub and a few words of comfort might make them feel better immediately.

6.     Tilted Head

Have you ever talked to your dog and noticed that they tend to tilt their head all cutely? Well, you know how we nod at each other throughout a conversation, to make it more engaging that’s pretty much what your dog is doing too.

A lot of dogs have some pretty heavy ear, flaps that hinder their ability to hear. So when they’re trying to hear you out they’ll tilt their head to let more sound into their ear, making it easier to process. They’re, not just being cute they’re, actually trying to show you that you have their undivided attention. One thing, though, is if your dog is walking around the house with their head tilted that might be cause for concern. A tilt, all the time could be a sign of them having an ear infection or something major that’s causing them pain. If that happens, ask yourself “what is that dog doing ” tilting the head momentarily to adjust, focus Or soothe their pain and react accordingly.

7.     Belly up,

Some dogs are just giant balls of excitement. They’ll run up to you with everything. They’Ve got to roll over and go belly up, looking right at you. In most cases, this means that they’ve arrived for some exclusive belly rubs and you have to oblige to their request. But it’s, not always just happy cute belly, rubs they’re asking for sometimes it’s. Just them trying to be submissive. If they’re, trying to tell someone that they don’t mean to be a threat by just going like “look. Would I show you my Lil's belly? If I meant you any harm, ”.

8.     Frozen

In place As hyper as dogs can be. Sometimes they stop and stare at stuff. You might notice that suddenly, your dog has gone from running at incredibly high speeds to looking like they’re frozen in time. Dogs usually do that when they feel like they need to guard something., It might be their toy from another dog, something suspicious that a person dropped, or trying to protect thin air. Don’t question it and keep your distance. Let them figure it out or they might land a pretty serious bite If they’re trying to guard something you’re going to have to let them keep an eye on them just in case they’re. Actually in danger.

9.     Eye changes.

The eyes are the window to one’s soul. That’s, not just true for humans, but for dogs, too. Dogs convey a lot of things just with their eyes. If they’ve got soft relaxed eyes, they’re feeling safe and secure., They might even throw in some puppy dog eyes to show you how much they love you But their eyes, aren’t. Just for the happy stuff. If you’re noticing that their eyes are super wide, they might be feeling particularly threatened or scared., But if they’re trying to avoid eye contact and keep trying to look away when you’re looking at them, you might want to go and figure out What they destroyed chances are your trashcan had an unexpected visitor.

10.  Ear movements.

The positioning of a dog’s ears depends on the breed it is. Some have giant floppy ears, others have tiny short ones, but what unites them is the way they use their ears. If your dog is lounging around with their ears in their natural relaxed position, they’re feeling super chilled out. If they’re extra droopy, they might just be feeling sad or concerned about something. The most concerning of them all is when they perk up reacting to a potential threat. This is your dog trying to figure out if they’re hearing things or is there something shady going on.

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