What Do You Want To Become In Future?

Is that right question to ask someone?

Awdhesh  Kumar

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First Day of Life

When a child is born , everyone is so happy , and the family celebrates it . As soon as day spent ,now it’s time for naming a baby , on that what happens some parents take suggestions from priests ,some follow ancestors name but some follow like that he put all the professional instruments like put a football for ronaldo , bat for Virat kohli , ball for Kapil dev , stethoscope for doctor, computer for engineer , pen paper for writer etc. this is happening when the child even didn’t know what is use of that ,even he didn’t know name of a single instrument. I want to ask a question from these parents. Is that right? This story doesn’t stop here, it will continue .

First Day of School

Now a day comes in life when a child starts his/her schooling ,he is so happy because he starts his schooling . As Morning prayer completed all student went into classroom .Child found that there is something going in class stage like Introduction of yourself, in introduction there is one compulsory question is that everyone have to say about his goal. Child once again comes in one of the tremendous situations of life. As he saw some students saying , I want to become Doctor,some are saying Engineer,some are saying Scientist, some are saying Teacher,some are saying Dancer, some are saying Singer, some are saying Astronaut, some are saying Footballer , some are Cricketer etc… .At the end he says most of them are saying IAS , he proudly says “ I want to become IAS” .

Actual situation is different , because even a single student didn’t know about the path of these professionals' careers. What he has studied , and what stream he has to choose for becoming a doctor or engineer , which subjects are important for him.

This situation continued till class 10 . Even if it continues for whole life but in this situation he has answered that question because he is matured .


I suggest you do what you do as a parent inplace of asking that question. According to me, asking “what do you want to become in future?” is not a good thing. In place of that you have to ask,  How can you become Astronaut ? or How can you become an IAS? or How can you become an Engineer?. According to me , there is no place in the world where all these questions are asked in place of “what do you want to become in future?” . Even at the deciding point the student himself gathers this information either by browsing on the internet , or from some friends. What I have to do to become a Doctor. Sometimes we make wrong sense or misunderstood or sometimes misguided by the information.

So I think parents are only the guys whose child has much faith other than the world. Because Parents never misguide nor give wrong information to their child. So occasionally you have to answer these above questions. Then after that the child can easily choose the path. Parents have to always support the student. Sometimes when a child diverges, he has to explain the meaning of What is wrong or what is right?


At the end of this article I suggest , sometimes you have to behave like a parent with the child and in some situations have to behave like a friend of the child, and sometimes you have to behave like a Supporter or Motivator with the child. This is something I want to share with all parents.


Awdhesh  Kumar

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