What do you think matters Most in your life?

What matters Most in your life?

karanbir singh

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There are times in our life when our circumstances rise above our spirit and there are times when your spirit rises above them. This is the story of one such spirit.

I hope it inspires you and reminds you of what living means to you!

Cancer is a word that can leave you perplexed and paralysed. No one ever wishes to be acquainted with it but if it knocks on your door there is no place to hide, no tomorrow less threatening and no present less painful. On one fine evening while I was taking care of foreign delegates in my college I got a call, my father got diagnosed with cancer. That was the first time in my life I had addressed silence with silence. I took the very next flight home, the one thing that kept circulating in my mind was, that it will be impossible to sell hope as I belong to a family of doctors my father was a physician; my mother is a gynaecologist and my sister a neurologist.

I was the only orange in their mango tree, who was pursuing a bachelor’s in psychology, sociology and economics.

We followed the course of action; dad went through a liver transplant but unfortunately, within a span of three months he got re-diagnosed with cancer. The news was just broken to us and we were still processing our reality while waiting outside the chambers of our transplant doctor. Just then another patient after much hesitation turned towards my father and asked him if he too was thinking of a transplant. My dad in his sweet calm voice told him that he had already undergone the transplant and was here for a routine follow up. How I wished the conversation had ended right there but the other guy found an opportunity to discuss his fears further as he was as anxious as a man before the war. My dad addressed his questions but paused for a second when he finally asked, “how do you feel at the moment?” mom quietly stood up and walked in the other direction, I stretched my hand and placed them on my dad’s shoulder as I was more nervous than him.

How would one feel when you realise that you have been re-diagnosed with cancer? that after all your efforts, you still failed! but dad after a few stretched breaths told him “ Better than before, but I think you should write all your question and ask your doctor personally too.” they exchanged emails, and after he left dad passed it to me and told me that

“if he ever writes to us make sure you motivate him with your words even if I am not there anymore.”

I was moved beyond words, “how did you find the courage? “I asked him, this time he placed his hands on my shoulder and said, “always pass what you want to receive, I addressed him exactly how I would address myself with courage, knowledge and care.”

After we left the hospital, our battle went on for six months but at no point, his courage left his corner, I took the same courage and before I could have been broken by time, I stood up to it and wrote a book (“My little Infinity, journey of a father and son”) on the worst days of my life and made something beautiful out of it and till date I pass what I wish to receive.

In the end, What do you think matters the most in life?

when we were about to leave the chambers of our transplant surgeon, he looked at dad and said “ just live your life the way you want”. Dad left the room with a smile and when we were on our way home he held my hand tight and said “ look at the irony of my life when I had time no one ever said that to me and now when I don’t have any people want me to live my life the way I want”, his grip got tighter and he bent towards my ears and said “ you don’t make the same mistake my son, remember I will be your father not till my lat breath but till yours ! I will live through your experiences so make the most of it.” then he pressed his finger at my heart and said “ REMEMBER THIS HEART BEAT THIS IS WHERE I ALWAYS WILL BE”

No luxury could match the price of time, no regret was worth holding back life, no excuse was enough to stop us from living the way we wanted and no ailment was stronger than our bond But there was only one Hamartia — the fatal flaw, ‘we started late’ so remember -

Not all of us can have a happy ending but at least we can have a happy story.

Don’t wait for a the next sunrise, your sixty or eighty years on this planet are insignificant and inconsequential in-front our billion year old planet and if there was anything special that had to be added to life or any purpose that had to be full-filled, and if it was of outmost importance in its billions of years of existence it would have done it by now and it did.

Look around you are the miracle of life.


karanbir singh

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