What do you say? | A fictional love letter

May 17, 2022 1 min read
What do you say? | A fictional love letter

Photo by Tyler Nix on Unsplash

I would like to take off your glasses and slowly kiss that beautiful face until the fears move away from your soul. That only in my embrace, give yourself the opportunity to reconnect with the light of your soul, the one that apparently, you left long ago forgotten in a corner.

I would gladly do it, if only I knew that the same kind of fire burns within you as in my soul.

Little by little, I want both of us to get to know each other during the day and through the night, away from prying eyes that try to break with what we are beginning to build.

Take your time, I’ll take mine. I want that when you decide to walk with me, there are no doubts that will tarnish your love for me.
When I love someone, I don’t like to do it half-heartedly, or with a heart full of fear. I like to open myself up to give the other person the purest of loves, within my human capacity.

I’m not perfect, and you know it. The same as you. But why do we want perfection, if love is something imperfect? If you gave me the opportunity, I would love you day by day, even on those days when you don’t love yourself.
What do you think?

With love, your not-so-secret admirer.