What did I learn from my failures?

What Did I Learn From My Failures?

Victoria Mineva

11 days ago|3 min read


There is a treasure in the information I collected

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Last year I had a lot of challenges that gave me important life lessons. That helped me to see where I should go and what is my being’s road at this moment.

I will not say words to make spirits high, but I will give another point of view.

Those are my lessons till now:

1. Promoting is the key to success.

If people have talent, work hard and see their dream come true, they come to cry. There is nothing sadder than a dream coming true. But people should move on.

I published two poetry books and one for business. My sales did not happen, and I did not earn the life I wanted to. I suppose all of that is because I missed the part of promoting — paid with time or money.

So, today I am the author of three books that do not sell well, and the money I earn is not enough to cover my living expenses.

2. When people are not in their thing, they are goners.

I was in three network businesses at one time. Nothing went well to support me in my daily spending. I learned that when the heart says no, but continues brainstorming about what should be done to succeed, people stay alone, angry and depressed. So, I always listen to my intuition.

3. Focus on one thing at a time.

Yes, the failures I had in business and writing taught me about that. If people do business, they stay in it. If people go writing, they should only do this or make it a hobby for their free time.

4. Hobbies do not earn money, but hard work, the right people, and promotion are the keys to real financial success.

I have read a lot of positive quotes that when you feel your work is a hobby, you do not work. Well, it is not like that. If people have a hobby that does not earn them time or money, they have nothing at all and feel quite frustrated about those things

5. Positive thinking is not understood quite well.

People should be realistic. Otherwise, they will end up waiting for something to happen. The universe does not give anything at all, people earn it on their own, with actions and small steps. Everything else is good wishes.

6. The family and children are not enough reason to live at all.

People should have their own life that makes them happy. Nothing and nobody outside themselves can make them happy.

7. Persons in your business take you for granted.

People should give, even though this is quite risky. But, only this way do business owners find some clue to reason in their life without running for solitude or some other fear.

All of the things I mentioned sound like simple chit chat and I know that, but they are all that I have now. They give me some realism and wisdom. If someone agrees with me and finds that information of use, I am thankful. Be grateful for what you have and know!

In the end, I will stay a good blogger that someone will read sometimes. So, I will take this as a hobby.

It does not earn me money, but it gives me the confidence to move on when I know someone reads what I wrote and sometimes gets inspired. Thank you for your attention.


Victoria Mineva

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