What Are The Documents We Need To Carry For A Flight Journey?

Required documents for an air travel

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Travelling is an essential part of our daily lives and therefore it becomes imperative to know that when we travel from State to State within the country by flight, we need to carry certain documents to present to airport authorities to help us pass through security checks and the respective airline as a testimony to board the plane.

 In case you are not carrying your ID proof or just happen to lose it close to  your ‘flight ticket booking’ date within the country,  we bring to you a list of valid documents that can help you still sail through and a list of alternative documents that you can and should carry with you while you are flying from one state /city to another within India. We will also give you an insight into the guidelines to be kept in mind during domestic travelling.  Let’s take a look.

By and large, for ‘flight ticket bookings’ in India; it is required to carry government-issued photo identity (ID) evidence in addition to the E-Ticket. At the check-in desk, both airport security and the airline verify the same. You can also carry soft copies for identification. According to a circular published by BCA, the aviation security agency Mobile Aadhaar, or an Aadhaar card in digital form via the mobile app mAadhaar, may now be used as identification at airports. 

Travel Documents Required

Valid Passport: Before its expiration date, a passport's validity determines how long it may be used to travel to another country or as a legitimate form of identification within or outside the issuing nation.

Valid Driving License: If applied before the age of 30, a licence is valid until the age of 40. It is valid for 10 years if you are between the ages of 30 and 50 it is valid for 5 years if you are above 55 years old, according to the Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Act of 2019. After the validity of a driver's licence has expired, it must be renewed.

Election Photo Identification Card: A voter ID card, also referred as an Electors Photo Identity Card (EPIC), is a photo identification card provided by the Election Commission of India to all qualified voters.

PAN card issued by the Income Tax department:  The Permanent Account Number, or PAN, is a system for recognising different types of taxpayers across the country. PAN is a 10-digit alphanumeric number that serves as a unique identifier. A legal evidence of identification and proof of age is a PAN card, which may be used everywhere in the country. It can also be used at the airport as a legitimate form of identification.

Employer-issued photo identification card can also be used especially issued by government companies and reputable private sector organisations.

In case of Children, they should bring their school identification cards or any other photo identification evidence like passport and Aadhar card etc.

Valid birth certificates for newborns must be shown at check-in.

As far as foreign nationals are concerned Passports are the only authorised ID while they travel on domestic flights within the country. The passport of the passenger must be valid for at least six months from the date of travel.

The Omicron version of the corona virus has raised new fears across the country, with travel restrictions in an attempt to stop the spread of the new disease, which the WHO labelled a "variant of concern" (WHO). Therefore in the light of Omicron, other documents should also be taken along.

In a few States like Maharashtra a passenger needs to carry either of the two papers- A negative RT-PCR test result obtained within 72 hours before the departure OR A certificate of immunisation showing both COVID-19 doses taken.

Travel Guidelines

Infants and minors accompanied by their parents or guardians who are genuine passengers with appropriate identity evidence as indicated above will not be required to provide identification. However it may also be noted that unaccompanied minors will have to provide legitimate identification documents.

According to government regulations, each flying passenger above the age of 14 must download the Aarogya Setu app to their mobile device. This app is required to board a domestic aircraft since its report on your health condition is required to demonstrate that you are fit to travel. All passengers must submit a health self-declaration form along with their Aarogya Setu app health data.

In India, State governments are releasing a range of travel recommendations. Before travelling, passengers should verify the state-specific restrictions adhering to Covid instructions such as mask wearing, vaccination evidence, testing, and quarantine regulations.

In case the traveller is not fully vaccinated, he needs to get a virus test 1-3 days before he takes the domestic flight. There are certain identification rules for the differentially abled as well. A passbook issued by a nationalised bank, pension card, disability photo identification and service photo ID card of central/state government, PSU, local bodies and the private limited company will be acceptable.

Face-to-face interactions should be as less as possible.

Avoid using washroom facilities and remain seated for the entire duration of the flight unless absolutely necessary.

Airlines will not serve any meals during the domestic flight. Water bottles will be available.

No food consumption is allowed on flights.

Vaccines – They remain the most effective health measure to protect you from Covid transmission and to ensure entry in the aircraft. Being fully vaccinated is a must before you undertake any flight travel – domestic or International.

Masks - As per the latest guidelines lay down by The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) passengers who do not adhere to the rule of wearing a mask or wearing a mask properly will be taken off the aircraft. In further directions to the airlines, airport operators and Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) will have to ensure that passengers wear masks and maintain social distancing normst throughout travel and even generally when they are within the airport premises.


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