30 Best Hairstyles For Girls To Flaunt In Weddings

Ude jab jab zulfe teri!

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Be it your best friend's wedding, any relative's wedding, or anyone's wedding around the corner, let's get ready to groove in the baraat and flaunt our Indianess. 

We need to manage tons of things at a wedding, right from gifts to dressing up for that perfect look. Why should everyone look at the bride and the groom only? Let us dress up and carry ourselves to stand out in the crowd at the wedding. 

Finding it hard to dress up, makeup, and other things? This article will help you to worry a little less about one thing. 

Your hair is in my hands now. Be it frizzy, curly, straight, smooth or, any type. Stay tuned to find the best hairstyle that suits your Punjabi suit, or your elegant saree, or your admirable lehenga, or something unique. I will help you find the best hairstyle through this article. 

Let's get started with a list of the best hairstyles for girls for the wedding season.   

1. Stacked Wavy Bob With Roses:

Stacked Wavy Bob With Roses | Best Wedding Hairstyles

Hey beautiful divas, the first one on the list of hairstyles for girls for weddings is this amazing one. 

Flowers, especially roses, will always add a tint of uniqueness and ethnicity to your look. Match the roses with the color of your outfit. 

2. Double Headband Braids with a Rope Accent:

Double Headband Braids with a Rope Accent | Best Wedding Hairstyles

The second hairstyle for girls for the wedding Bella Thorne has brought in. She had this hairstyle at Arclight in Hollywood, California, to attend the premiere of the movie 'Spring Breakers.' 

The girls who have bangs can easily opt for this beautiful and easy hairstyle. 

3. Puffy Low Hairdo With Braided Wraparound:

Puffy Low Hairdo With Braided Wraparound | Best Wedding Hairstyles

Braids are an obsession. The next hairstyle for girls for weddings is another braided one inspired by Kristen Stewart. Give your face a messy look with this stunning hairstyle which Kristen had done for her movie Twilight's red carpet.

4. Braided top ponytail:

Braided top ponytail | Best Wedding Hairstyles

The middle section of your hair is braided and neatly tied into a high ponytail. 

This hairstyle for girls for weddings is pretty simple and elegant looking, inspired by Ananya Pandey. She flaunted her hair at the Umang 2020's red carpet event. 

5. Boho Braid:

Boho Braid | Best Wedding Hairstyles

Do you want to leave your hair open? Then this hairstyle is best suited for you. Kriti Sanon neatly put her hair into a Boho braid and left her open. 

6. Evergreen traditional gajra bun hairstyle:

Evergreen traditional gajra bun hairstyle | Best Wedding Hairstyles

Neatly tie your hair into a bun and add a fragrant white gajra to it. Yay! You are ready to go. Many Bollywood actresses like Madhuri Dixit, Shraddha Kapoor, Sonam Kapoor, Kajol, Sonakshi Sinha have done this hairstyle.

7. Side Braid Bun:

Side Braid Bun | Best Wedding Hairstyles

Another hairstyle for girls for weddings that is in trend is this one. Part your hair into a messy braid and put it into a bun. Many Bollywood actresses have spotted trying this hairstyle like Kriti Sanon, Mouni Roy, Kareena Kapoor Khan, Deepika Padukone. 

8. Low bun hairstyle:

Low bun hairstyle | Best Wedding Hairstyles

Malika Arora looked stunning when she tied her hair into a low bun and let strands of small hair fall on her forehead. A tint of tiny artificial flowers to this hairstyle for girls for the wedding season will give a final touch.

9. Sleek middle part bun:

Sleek middle part bun | Best Wedding Hairstyles

Gorgeous Anushka Sharma looked stunning in this hairstyle. You can add a beautiful Bindiya to your hair with this hairstyle. Red roses also will add glamour to your look like Deepika Padukone. 

10. Side Swept:

Side Swept | Best Wedding Hairstyles

This hairstyle is effortless, as its name suggests. Take all your hair in front on your left or right shoulders like Anushka Sharma or Kareena Kapoor Khan.

11. Half bun with gajra:

Half bun with gajra | Best Wedding Hairstyles

This hairstyle looks elegant and gorgeous. Shraddha Kapoor rocked the ethnicity with half tied bun and an eye-catchy element of gajra. 

12. Mid parted braid:

Mid parted braid | Best Wedding Hairstyles

This hairstyle for girls for the wedding season is sweet and easy. Sara Ali Khan looked very pretty in this look.

13. Senorita Bun:

Senorita Bun | Best Wedding Hairstyles

A perfect combo of a French twist with India tadka, this hairstyle looks effortless and simply amazing when styled with red roses near ears. Sonam Kapoor looked phenomenal in this look.  

14. Side-parted chignon:

Side-parted chignon | Best Wedding Hairstyles

Genelia D'souza looked beautiful when she had her hair in a side-parted chignon. Though it may sound hard, it is an easy hairstyle to pick for all girls this wedding season. 

15. Ballerina bun:

Ballerina bun | Best Wedding Hairstyles

A high tight bun is tied sometimes giving, a messy effect too. It is also sometimes called as, 'blogging bun' due to its popularity. 

16. Long, Smooth Curls:

Long, Smooth Curls | Best Wedding Hairstyles

The next on the list is an effortless hairstyle for girls for this wedding season. Just curl your hair and leave them open. This hairstyle goes with all kinds of outfits. Slay it more with a pair of big jhumkas. 

17. Fishtail Braid:

Fishtail Braid | Best Wedding Hairstyles

This braid looks very beautiful when each braid has styles with tiny beads, flowers. When each braid has a messy touch, then flowers and beads are also not needed. It gives your hair a voluminous look making it the perfect hairstyle for girls to do at weddings. 

18. French Roll:

French Roll | Best Wedding Hairstyles

The next hairstyle on the list is a simple and elegant hairstyle for girls for weddings is French Roll. French Roll with a combination of white flowers or flowers matching your outfit will give a stunning look for the wedding you will attend.

19. Vintage Curls:

Vintage Curls | Best Wedding Hairstyles

To look like a retro heroine from the '90s, girls with long hair can opt for this easy hairstyle called vintage curls. Get set go to flaunt your amazing curls with uniqueness.  Kangana Ranaut looked fabulous in this hairstyle.

20. Double Waterfall Braid High Bun:

Double Waterfall Braid High Bun | Best Wedding Hairstyles

Braids and bun are a beautiful combo. It looks graceful and distinguished. The waterfall hairstyle looks beautiful when left open. But, when tied in, a high bun gives you a classic look. 

21. Waterfall Braid with Curls:

Waterfall Braid with Curls | Best Wedding Hairstyles

To the waterfall braid, add curls to the left open hair with flowers in each braid. It will look beautiful and effortless. This hairstyle best suits long and medium hair. 

22. Fishtail and Milkmaid Braid Twist:

Fishtail and Milkmaid Braid Twist | Best Wedding Hairstyles

Braids have too many varieties. A simple braid too can be given a little twist and, a new hairstyle exists. Fishtail and milkmaid braid is a combo of a fishtail braid and milkmaid braid. Of course, you can attach hair accessories for that perfect look.

23. Full Crown Milkmaid Braid:

Full Crown Milkmaid Braid | Best Wedding Hairstyles

For that perfect princess look, this hairstyle for girls for weddings is a must to try. Do not let your crown fall princess, flaunt it with a lovely attire.

24. Double Rapunzel Side Rope Braid:

Double Rapunzel Side Rope Braid | Best Wedding Hairstyles

For girls with long and thick hair, this hairstyle will add an extravagant element to your face. That long side rope braid added with a white gajra sounds perfect. 

25. Partial Updo with Small Twists:

Partial Updo with Small Twists | Best Wedding Hairstyles

Part your hair from the middle and with few strands make small twists ad secure it leaving the remaining hair open. You can for sure add small matching flowers according to your outfit in the small twists. 

26. Dramatic Rope Twisted Braid:

Dramatic Rope Twisted Braid | Best Wedding Hairstyles

Braids will never go out of fashion. They are convenient and suit all face and hair types. A long rope twisted braid with a slight puff is a dramatic look you wish. 

27. Renaissance Braids:

Renaissance Braids | Best Wedding Hairstyles

You can glitter them first braid and the last braid with tiny flowers for that innocent and princess look. This braid is also known as crown rope braid. Weddings will be more fun when you love to dress up and comb your hair in the unique possible way. 

28. Dutch Braid Updo:

Dutch Braid Updo | Best Wedding Hairstyles

This hairstyle for girls for weddings is a combination of Ballerina Bun with a braided updo. This braided updo is specifically a dutch braid updo, giving a classy look for the wedding occasion. 

29. Braid and Bouffant:

Braid and Bouffant | Best Wedding Hairstyles

The second last one on the list of the best hairstyles for girls for a wedding is the braid and bouffant hairstyle.

The Bouffant is highlighted neatly with a Dutch braid around it decorated with tiny flowers leaving the hair open for that perfect mesmerizing look. 

30. Half up, half down: Braid with Flower Bun:

Half up, half down: Braid with Flower Bun | Best Wedding Hairstyles

We come to an end hairstyle on the list of hairstyles for girls for weddings with, this one having a fairy look. 

There is no need for flowers. Braid, your few locks of hair then, neatly tie them into a flower, leaving the remaining strands of the hair open for that pretty look. 

So, girls, I hope you must have decided which hairstyle to pick for this wedding season. Get ready to make everyone stare at you with these gorgeous hairstyles. Make everyone stop and stare and sing for you 'Ude jab jab zulfe teri!' 

Make sure to like and share if you loved these hairstyles for weddings. Also, comment down, which of these hairstyles suited you the most.

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