8 Ways To Manage And Deal With Anxiety

Breath in and let it go!

Akshada Borhade

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There are times when you feel that urge to talk to someone. Sometimes you want to open up your heart, cry out loud, and kill the throbbing pain pumping in your heart. Everything is calm and peaceful outside, but your heart faces chaos. You confront a constant contradiction with your mind. Every day is a debate in your mind. In all these situations, you do not understand how to share your feelings and with whom. You always keep feeling that if we share this with an XYZ person, either he will judge you or make fun of you.

These mixed emotions, put in one word, are known as anxiety. An anxious person constantly needs assurance. He can never explain what is going on within him. In a room full of people having fun, he will always feel a void of loneliness.

People often misjudge and misguide people facing anxiety disorder. They advise them to stop thinking whatever they are overthinking, which is impossible. This article is for the ones who are a victim of anxiety disorder. I am not assuring you that you will get rid of your anxiousness, but this might help you achieve peace.

Here are 8 effective ways to manage your anxiety:

1) Whenever you feel anxious, try closing your eyes and taking a deep breath. Hold it for a few seconds, and leave it out.

8 Ways To Manage And Deal With Anxiety

2) Try to count to 20 slowly.

3) Always say a yes to Laugh out loud. Be as happy as possible.

4) Try to pursue some hobby or interests of your choice. Be as productive as possible.

5) Exercise, eat healthily, and focus on your diet.

6) Listen to your favorite music and dance like no one's watching.

7) Talk to your friends and try to have a meaningful conversation.

8) If you do not know whom to talk to, then take out a diary and write down whatever you feel.

Whatever you feel like anger, pain, jealousy, restlessness, helplessness, loneliness, etc. Write your heart out. Trust me, it works.

If you have more tips to manage anxiety, then do share in the comments. Like and share this article. Mental Health to matters.


Akshada Borhade

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