The Top Common Sources of Water Intrusion In Roof And To Solve Then With Water Proofing

Jun 28, 2021 3 min read

‘Roof’ a metaphor for proception safety. It is the most valuable asset for your home and security. Yet they are not invincible; sometimes, they are believed to be so. 

Even the strongest roofs develop cracks over time, and without proper maintenance, they may permit moisture and even water droplets. 

Even before your roof this stage, there happens extensive damage to your roof. Roofs are susceptible to damage in several ways, but the most source is water or moisture. 

As monsoon is already on its way, it is best to check your roof’s health and waterproofing contractor in Kolkata

Check For The Common Moisture Intrusion Sources 

A routine check-up is essential for your roof’s health. However, it should be an expert doing the job rather than you doing it superficially.

 Yet, you may look for some of the familiar sources of moisture intrusion in roofs. 

  • Cracks and hollowness- Roofs develop cracks over time. It is an effect of weather, rain, heat, aging concrete; all these factors play a tool in the health of your roof. 
    As a result, cracks begin to develop and over time increase to become large enough to let in moisture. 
    If the attempts are not dealt in the right time or fail to implement waterproofing methods, water may seep in to cause corrosion. It is the most common cause of structural crack.
  • Roof flooring junction With The Parapet Walls- One of the most susceptible parts of the roof is the joints between the top and the parapet walls. 
    The joint between the parapet walls and the roof is technically called the ‘cove.’ 
    So, you have to be highly vigilant of this part of the roof. If there is only a small crack in this region, it can let in water when it heavily. Gradually as the gaps increase, more water seepage is expected. It requires regular waterproofing for the ‘cove’ part of the parapet walls.
  • The Parapet Walls- Even when people usually pay attention to the roof floor, they commit the mistake of ignoring the parapet walls. 
    If your parapet walls do not have proper plaster or covered with a waterproofing membrane, they are bound to allow water seepage after some time.
  • Roof Flooring Finish- Often, homeowners have customized roof flooring. 
    They use tiles, laminates, or stones to cover their roof flooring. It beautifies the roof; however, some also take this as a roof proception measure. 
    While they provide some level of protection, if there are any cracks in between, it may cause concern for homeowners.
  • Blocked Rainwater Outlets- Before it is monsoon, you should clean up the rainwater outlets in your roof. 
    A waterproofing contractor will check any gaps or unevenness between the PVC pipe and the outlet face. Water seepage may also occur from these gaps.

The WaterProofing Chemical For Roofs

One of the easiest and practical manners of roof waterproofing is the use of water roofing chemicals. Your waterproofing contractor is the best person to suggest using the best waterproofing chemical for your roof. 

The benefits of using waterproofing chemicals are as follows: 

  • Its primary function is waterproofing.
  • It helps in crack Bridging.
  • It provides mechanical Strength.
  • It helps in the adhesion of the roof.
  • They may have high sheen and heat reflection properties.
  • Some waterproofing chemicals have anti-carbonation effects.

However, when choosing the waterproofing chemical for your roof, make sure to choose the right chemical from a reputed source. 

The other thing is to do waterproofing at the right time. 

The waterproofing chemicals may need some time to set in. So, it is essential to complete waterproofing before the clouds come rolling. Contact waterproofing contractor in Kolkata for best results.