45 Valentine's Day Movies To Watch With Your Soulmate Every Year

Watch love, have love, spread love!

Hosanna Balwani

Jan 29, 2021|8 min read


Valentine's day is a day of love and is based on making someone realise how special they are to you. And let me tell you that anybody can be your valentine. Be it your parents, siblings, friends, or anyone else who is special to you.

Valentine's Day Movies (Hollywood)

The most famous way or rather the most common way to celebrate Valentine’s Day with them, it is to give gifts, have dinner together, and then watch movies. But, but, but this can also be a common fight reason.

Allow me to elaborate. Usually, the viewing choices of people can be worlds apart, thus it might lead to a fight on what to watch. But here we are with a solution that will keep this fight at bay.

Given below is a list of Valentine’s Day movies, kind-of created for this day:

1. Valentine's Day

This multi-starrer movie is based on valentine’s day itself. It connects various, different stories together as they revolve around this day and are of the people who live in Los Angeles. It is a representation of the highs and lows of different relationships. I would ask you to check it out (at least once)

2. Love Actually

Similar to valentine’s day movie, this also includes nine different stories which are entangled to one another. And all of them are on a way to examine the complexities surrounding the emotion of ‘love’.

3. Dirty Dancing

This movie is no doubt a love story but a different one. The plans of the main character are pretty much bust when a dancer comes to help her escape the situation and both of them end up falling in love

4. Eat Pray Love

This movie is all about personal space in a relationship. The character played by Julia Roberts decides to take a break from (kind-of) everything and just wants to travel and be herself for a while. No matter what your status is this valentine’s day, this movie is still worth watching.

5. Titanic

This emotional-romance movie is actually based on the story of the ship Titanic which sank due to a mishap. The story revolves around two strangers turned lovers Jack and Rose. I would vote for the movie as a definite tear-jerker.

6. Me Before You

This valentine’s day movie proves that love is all about caring. Lou is hopping from job to job to earn enough money so that she can take care of her family. In the search itself she ends up with Will. what happens next? hmm?

7. When We First Met

This hilarious movie is about a guy who wishes to relive a day and then time travels. This is actually a partial sci-fi movie but I guarantee you, you will die laughing while watching the movie.

8. The Object of My Affection

Starring the gorgeous Jennifer Anniston and the Handsome Paul Rudd this movie is about two best friends who fall for each other while taking care of her baby. I guess the plot is funny enough but not more than what actually is happening in the movie.

9. Always Be My Maybe

This valentine’s day movie is kind-of a true story. You know how two long lost friends can still love each other. Yeah, that’s exactly what happens in the movie.

10. When Harry Met Sally

This valentine's day movie is actually about two people who are trying to prove that a girl and a boy can stay just friends. Now what are the ups and downs are actually the fun part of this movie and you will have to find them out by watching the movie itself.

11. The Notebook

The classic two strangers falling in love is what this classic revolves around. The movie also has another classic included in it but no love story is complete without its ups and downs.

12. 50 First Dates

This one is actually one of the most interesting ones. The movie includes the memory loss of Lucy due to which Henry has to woo her every day. True or not who knows? I guess you will have to find out yourself

13. Love Jones

A photographer and writer connect instantly once they meet in a club, but the couple’s future is in jeopardy, now it wouldn’t be nice if I actually revealed everything, would it?

14. The Princess Bride

This is not a fairy tale and yet one. The movie includes a story passed through generations of a family and how it affects all of them. Just like sometimes a story touches/affects your life the story narrated in this movie affects the lives of the characters.

15. Sleepless in Seattle

Before I even begin, why are so many of these based on letters? This valentine’s day movie is also based on writing a letter not knowing where it would end up

16. Failure to Launch

As per the title of the movie, there is surely a failure in launching but the interesting part is that the launch was that of a young man.

17. The Spectacular Now

A complete extroverted party lover guy meets a shy, cute and introvert. Heard that one before? It’s this movie. If you don’t believe me check it out for yourself available on amazon prime.

18. Brown Sugar

This story is about two best friends who fall in love with music and started creating music and then eventually went their separate ways but were connected again because of music itself. I think such movies are definitely to be added to the must-watch list since they portray the bond of friendship between two people

19. 10 Things I Hate About You

More than a valentine movie this is a sister fight topped with the spice of a boyfriend search. If you have any siblings (especially smaller ones) you should have a look at this one.

20. The Proposal

A couple who have to stay married for let’s say citizenship reasons is what this movie is all about. That’s it. That’s all.

21. Adam

This movie is about Adam Ruki who is an engineer and suffers from a syndrome. A girl named Beth discovers about it and still gives him a chance. All you have to do is found out what happens next

22. Four Weddings and a Funeral

This movie includes a group of men who are not lucky in the matter of love. But luck keeps changing itself right.

23. Never Been Kissed

A reporter in the disguise of a student falls for her dreamy English teacher and she although somehow became the part of ‘the’ clique yet she remains unloved.

24. Fifty Shades of Grey

This movie is actually the live representation of the statement ‘who knows where life takes you’

25. The Other End of the Line

Love over a phone call? So strange and yet not so untrue. Priya is actually a credit card company worker who feels a love connection just over a phone call

26. Destination Wedding

Funny enough, this story is about two people who literally hate every single thing and end up falling in love with each other.

27. Pride & Prejudice

The movie is based on the novel ‘pride and prejudice’. But if someone like me were watching this movie, they would be so confused that no words can express it.

28. Before Sunrise

Have you ever thought of how one night might change your whole future? You just got the plot in the question. Want to know something else? Go watch the movie.

29. La La Land

This musical revolves around the characters of Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone both of whom are desired together since the beginning. But both want to pursue their dreams which are trying to rip them apart.

30. Before Sunset

A perfect sequel to Before Sunrise, Before Sunset, is another amazing movie to watch on Valentine's Day. It carries the echoes of the first film in the settings and still has that fundamental freshness and optimism. It tells time changes people but there remains an unchanging core.

31. About Time

This movie is a mixture of sci-fi and romance and comedy is always present in such blends. Actually, the sci-fi part of the movie includes time travelling. Sick, huh?

32. Fault In Our Stars

This movie is based on the book ‘The Fault in Our Stars’ written by John Green. The movie revolves around the story of two young cancer patients who fall in love with each other. Now, where does their destiny take them is what you have to find out by watching the movie?

33. Blue Valentine

Time and self-absorption cause some irreversible changes and problems in the marriage of the characters and that is all the movie is about.  

34. One Day

Two exactly opposite people decide to stay friends and thus end up finding true love in each other. I like the story and the movie is definitely going on my must-watch list right away.

35. P.S. I Love You

This valentine’ day movie explains the care shared by two people in love. The twist in the story here is the dead tell the living what to do. Sounds creepy, right? But trust me it is not. A wonderful movie and a pleasure to the eyes.

36. Dear John

Tough people have tough relationships and they can go through every and any situation. This is pretty much the synopsis of the movie.  

37. My Perfect Romance

The developers in the same company work on a dating app and then are forced to use it too. The results of the app stun not only them but everybody

38. Love Simon

This is a movie based on the hunt of love. The main character Simon wants to find someone for himself but there is a secret about him which no one knows and it is eating him alive. The movie is all about how he deals with that and how his family helps him through his way.

39. Definitely Maybe

Somewhat similar to how I met your mother, this movie is the narration of the love story of the parents to their daughter but no movie ends without changing or without its twist, here it is that the marriage of the parents is on the brink.

40. Call Me By Your Name

Last but not the least in our list of Valentine’s Day movies, Call Me By Your Name, is about gay love. This romantic drama is a convincingly realized cinematic love story and you would enjoy watching it with your loved ones.

41. Before Midnight

Before Midnight is the last part of the Before Trilogy. The story is about the happenings of a single afternoon and is symbolic to the dying days of a relationship. It revolves around relationships and love, so do watch it.

42. Eternal Sunshine of Spotless Mind

This is a compelling love story showing two people falling in love with one another after completely losing their memories. It proves that you can erase someone from your mind, but not from your heart.

43. 500 Days of Summer

It is a unique romantic story, where two lovers revisit and relive all memories they created together in the past year. With lots of highs and lows, the movie is unpredictable and interesting right till the end. You realise that love is staying together for long and being there for each other.

44. The Perks of Being a Wallflower

The story is set in high school days and shows the friendship and romance of youngsters, who are experiencing love for the first time. You should watch it on Valentines and relive your high school days.

45. Silverlining Playbook

Silverlining Playbook is one of the very different and unique love stories. It shows you obsessive and playful love, which is rare to find in our everyday life. Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper create magic on the screen. It will give you love goals for life!

Now, I guess even if you decide to stay alone you have a lot of catching up to do. This particular list of Valentine’s Day movies would be one of my favourites I don't know about you. Although I do hope you liked it.

This valentine's Day takes it easy with the people you love. Relax, have some dinner, just enjoy yourself and end your day (or maybe even start it) by watching some nice Valentine’s Day movies. You can even go for some cheesy rom-com and have a nice day ahead! The choice is all yours!

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