40 Valentine's Day Fun Facts and Trivia From The World You Never Knew

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Valentine’s day is celebrated on the fourteenth of February worldwide. It is the day particularly known for the affection of lovers to their special ones. They display their love via cards, gifts, wishes, and some special surprises. Although it is known as the day of love, the history behind the day might be quite different than expected.

Valentine's day is often associated with the legend of St. Valentine. But people recognize at least three saints named St. Valentine or Valentinus. One of the legends says St. Valentine served Claudius I during the world war and even after an infuriating law he kept performing the marriages of young lovers in secret but when discovered by Claudius he was beheaded.

The other one says that the first valentine was actually sent from prison. The St had sent to his daughter. There are many more and can be continued but instead, I prefer sharing some interesting valentine’s day fun facts, myths, and trivia from all over the world, so take a look.

Here we begin with our list of Valentine's Day fun facts and myths:

1. It was considered as bad luck to sign a card on Valentine’s Day in the Victorian times.

To be honest, it would have been really difficult for people to share their emotions on a paper without the card because it certainly isn’t easy today. Is it?

2. In Latin American countries (i.e. Costa Rica, Mexico, etc.) people perform acts not only in appreciation of love but also in friendships.

Well, that clearly means that no matter what your relationship status is at the moment you can still expect a great valentine from your best friends but only if you live in the Latin American countries.

3. The heart shape is derived from a possibly extinct plant Silphium

No kidding, but somewhere we all know that if asked the real heart is way too complex to draw so we might have used a ‘jugaad’ to change it by taking inspiration from Silphium.

4. Lovebirds are real birds.

We know that doves are a sign of peace but did you know that they were also a sign of love and just like us they also have soulmates (or maybe not who knows right!) Just kidding. But the lovebirds are actually real

5. Only Japanese men get chocolate on valentine’s day.

Another astonishing valentine’s day fun fact, but I think this one can be changed. Let’s try on this fourteenth February to give the boys and men both loads of chocolate as the present or the token of your love.

6. The word ‘lace’ is actually a Latin word and means to stare a net as in to catch someone's heart.

You might think what link would this have to valentine’s day. The lace mentioned here is usually added to a flower bouquet. So that means, in your task list do not forget to add that if you have to give some flowers they should definitely have some lace on ‘em.

7. Myth- February 14 has always been a celebration of love.

As I mentioned above, it is completely untrue. February 14 has its own story and like the moon, the other side of it is seriously dark.

8. The first person you spot is your valentine in Scotland.

This is a custom in Scotland. The first person you spot on the street will be your valentine that year and you have to spend the whole day with them. Pretty sick.

9. In medieval times girls ate weird food to dream of their future husbands.

I am sure that this was another weird belief because no matter how much we eat or dream it is kind of impossible to watch the future in our dreams. 

10. It is believed that if a woman spots a winged creature on February 14, it can predict the type of man she will marry.

This valentine’s day fun fact (if true) might land a lot of girls in trouble because the most commonly sighted winged creatures or birds are pigeons and crows. And since every boy isn't the same we can pretty much declare this as a myth or even a superstition.

11. It is considered lucky to be awoken by a kiss on valentine’s day.

Although it is a superstition still I don’t think any explanation might be required. This hints that many Valentine’s day fun facts and myths are related to princess stories.

12. A girl was supposed to marry the first eligible male she saw on valentine’s day. 

It was a belief in the earlier times and is mere superstition. But to be honest, it is worth giving a thought that what if this was true?

13. What is the purpose of valentine’s day?

There is no particular purpose behind valentines. It is just a celebration of love and affection between two people. It can be anyone- your special ones, siblings, parents, and even friends.

14. In South Africa, girls pin names to their sleeves. 

As astonishing as it might be, it is true. Every valentine’s day girls pin the names of their crushes on their sleeves and to be honest most of the time nothing else should be required! 

15. What are the best movies to watch with valentine?

Usually, people think since it is valentine’s, the movie should be romantic but that is not necessary. You can watch any movie you want to watch.

16. Which rose should I buy?

Usually, each colour of rose depicts different things but if you want to use any colour particularly, you can. The most frequently gifted rose is the red one which represents love.

17. In ancient times, the heart did not represent love.

This valentine’s day fun fact is actually true. In ancient times, instead of the heart, the liver was considered as the organ which represented love. Imagine saying I liver you as a joke to someone instead of I heart you and if you don’t believe me you have all the search engines available.

18. What is the most commonly used phrase?

The most commonly used phrase is ‘wearing the heart on your sleeve’ it depicts someone who falls easily in love and as quickly as something slips the hand.

19. In Verona, every valentine’s day about 1000 letters are received addressed to Juliet.

Verona is the place where Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet lived and to date, people address their letters to Juliet and share them each valentine’s day

20. In Denmark, the day is considered as a holiday.

Do you think your country should also do the same? Couples would treat 14th February as a festival now. They would plan it well in advance and enjoy it fully.

21. White flowers are used instead of red ones in Denmark.

The people of Denmark consider white flowers as little snowdrops and exchange them instead of the red or the pink ones. 

22. More than half the production of flowers for the USA is done in California. 

Strange, how only the production of one state can cover the usage of more than half the country. Pretty sick, isn’t it? 

23. Teachers also receive a lot of valentines.

Believe it or not, this fact is very true. Usually, they receive valentine’s from students in the age group of 6-10. A fun fact indeed.

24. A kiss is considered a good luck charm. 

It is believed that if you receive a kiss on valentine’s day, it is lucky for the whole year. 

25. In 1929, penicillin was introduced on 14th February. 

This is another valentine’s day fun fact. One of the biggest vaccines/treatments was launched on valentine’s day. Coincidence?

26. Romans the first ones to celebrate valentine’s day. 

No matter how many stories are heard and said as the original history, one fact that is for sure is that valentine’s day was first celebrated by the Romans.

27. Those who don’t celebrate, also celebrate.

I know that this valentine’s day fun fact is pretty vague and all over the place but yet is true. They do not buy flowers and cards for themselves instead they plan on doing or buying something for themselves and just enjoy.

28. There is a valentine in Texas.

There is an actual place known as Valentine in Texas. It was named after Saint Valentine.

29. Red is the most worn colour.

It is true and scientifically proven that the colour ‘red’ makes you look more attractive. It is also considered as the colour of love and thus is worn the most. I think you know what to wear now. 

30. In South Korea, 14th is the official day of love.

Believe it or not but in South Korea, the 14th of each month is a holiday for the celebration of love 
Which monument is the ultimate gift of love?

31. Millions of greeting cards are purchased on Valentines Day across the world. 

Yes! Nearly 100 Million greeting cards are exchanged by people on Valentine's Day in the US alone. You can imagine how many are shared across the world.

32. Pennsylvania produces most of the chocolate.

Not only on valentine’s even round the year, it is believed that most chocolate in the US is produced in Pennsylvania since the Hershey Chocolate Co is also located there.

33. In Canada, chocolates are exchanged between classmates.

On valentine’s day itself, children share chocolates and candies with their friends and classmates in the school.

34. According to research, in America, more than 50% of the people celebrate with greeting cards.

This valentine’s day fun fact is actually true. In America, approximately half the people celebrate the fourteenth of February by sending greeting cards. 

35. S.A.D is also celebrated on 14th February.

Valentine’s day can be pretty alone for single people so they do not have to worry because they can be a part of the S.A.D festivities. S.A.D stands for Single Awareness day.

36. Saudi Arabia doesn’t celebrate valentine’s day.

The celebration of valentine’s day is banned in Saudi Arabia. Not only this, they have restricted the sales of most of the related things around the time.

37. What should I give as a gift to my valentine?

Well, everyone does go for flowers and chocolate but I would recommend something unique and meaningful.

38. The practice of valentine’s day was initiated by greeting card companies.

This is completely untrue since there are not one or to but many legends as to what actually is the history of this day.

39. The heart shape wasn't always a romantic symbol.

The heart was originally a symbol for the human's centre of memory. However, the French and Italian artists from the 14th century used it and portrayed it as a symbol of love.

40.  Every year, millions of people buy their pets Valentine's Day gifts.

Well, this might sound nuts but this is not at all meaningless. You can even love your pets and let them know that you love them.

This brings us to the end of the list of Valentine’s Day fun facts and myths. I hope you enjoy this valentine’s day with your special one, your parents, family, siblings, friends, and/or anyone you want to. 

Show them the affection and love you think they deserve. Give them gifts and flowers and enjoy watching some movies and eating all your favourite dishes. Take care of yourself and your family. 

This is the end of this article. I hope you liked it and enjoyed reading it.

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