Vaidyanath Jyotirlinga Temple Story: One of 12 Jyotirlinga Of Shiva

Vaidyanath Jyotirlinga



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Mahadev or Lord Shiva is of foremost importance in Hinduism. He is the main pillar of the holy trinity. Jyotirlinga is the divine place of Lord Shiva, where he resides in different forms.

1.  Jyotirlinga: Meaning

The word Jyoti means light or radiance and linga or lingam means a sign or image. So, the word Jyotirlinga means a radiant sign of Lord Shiva. The Jyotirlinga is said to have appeared in places where Lord Shiva himself manifested on earth, thus giving them the name of Swayambhu, meaning self-manifested.

2.  Vaidyanath Jyotirlinga: Over the Years

Each Jyotirlinga is considered to be a different manifestation of Lord Shiva. In this article, we will narrate to you the story behind the fifth of the twelve Jyotirlinga as the name suggests, the word Vaidyanath is the king of healers or doctors. It is located in Deoghar, Jharkhand Deoghar means the home of gods, where Dinardham has been famous since the rule of the last Gupta emperor, Aditya Sena Gupta. In the 8th century, AD Mughal emperor, Akbar's, brother-in-law, built upon Advair known as Mansarovar. This temple appears to have maintained its importance even during the Muslim rule in India. This linga is a high reward shrine.

3.  Lord Shiva gave Linga to Ravana

It is believed that a person who sincerely worships Shiva here gets rid of all miseries like most jyotirlinga. It is said to be a path to moksha. The demon king Ravana was a great devotee of Shiva. He had sincerely worshiped Lord Shiva and asked him to reside in his kingdom Lanka to make it indestructible. This was the pride and ego of the king that he tried to lift mount Kailash to take Shiva with him to Lanka, but Lord Shiva crushed his ego. Ravana understood his folly and undertook severe penance to please Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva gave him an Atma lingam with the condition that he should go back on foot to Lanka and that he should not put down the lingam at any point in his journey if he were to put the lingam down the lingam would remain rooted at that spot.

4.  Lord Shiva as Vaidyanath or Doctor

Upon this incident, the devas were worried that it would make Ravana very powerful and he will misuse such powers. On his way back to Lanka, Ravana carried the linga himself, Lord Varuna, also known as the god of water entered Ravana's body, and he felt a need to relieve himself. At the opportune moment, Lord Vishnu disguised as a young boy offered him to hold the Shivalinga for an interim period when Ravana went away. Vishnu then placed the Jyotirlinga on the ground and the ling was rooted on the spot. Upon his return Ravana was in dismay, realizing his arrogance in penance. He cut off his nine heads this pleased, Lord Shiva, who came down to earth and cured the injured Ravana.

This act of curing made Lord Shiva equivalent to a doctor or Vaidya. Hence the Shivalinga is called Vaidyanath.




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