9 Vahans Of Lord Shani Dev And Their Importance

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In Hindu astrology, the planet Saturn represents Shani Deva. It is considered the most dreaded planet with some interesting phenomena. 

Shani is the god of justice as he is the son of Surya and Chaya and brother of Yama the god of death. 

The meaning of the word Shani is “The one who glows like a blue cloud and capable enough to shadow the radiance of sun”. 

He is considered as the incarnation of Lord Vishnu who has taken birth to distribute the result of good and bad deeds of people by some. 

He is the deity whose shrine is black carrying a sword or scepter, sitting on a crow or vulture, and often wearing dark-colored clothes. He also carries blue flowers or sapphire that represents his wife Neelima. 

Vahan Of Lord Shani Dev

Shanivara Hindu name of Saturday is dedicated to Shani Dev. He is the harbinger of bad luck and retribution that’s why people pray to him on Shanichhar to ward off all evils and personal obstacles.

Sometimes the result achieved in one’s life is due to the Saturn depends on the vehicle that Shani dev comes riding on. There is a total of nine vehicles that Shani dev rides. These vehicles somehow affect our zodiac signs accordingly. 

Here, all the vehicles or vahans of Shani Dev are mentioned with the effects that are made when he enters our zodiac cycles.

1) Elephant

The first one on the list of vahans of Shani Dev is an elephant.

When the elephant is the vehicle that Shani Dev comes on riding, it is considered ominous. 

Due to this, the person doesn’t meet success in any work despite constant efforts and hard work. One should remain calm and patient during such times and should not give up.

2) Horse

Next on the list of vahans of Shani Dev is a horse.

When Shani Dev arrives on a horse, he brings happiness and good luck along with him. 

A horse symbolizes progress, at this time the person has positive energies surrounding him. 

His intelligence is at superior power defeating all the enemies of life successfully. 

3) Khachhar/Donkey

Next Vahan of Shani Dev is a donkey.

As the donkey symbolizes suffering, humility, and struggle. When Shani Dev comes on the donkey it is considered very inauspicious. 

This leads to many problems in a person’s life. He has to suffer and struggle a lot for every small thing in life and success doesn’t come easy.

4) Peacock

Peacock is one of the most beautiful Vahan of Shani Dev.

An individual’s life starts symbolizing the peacock when Shani Dev comes riding on this. 

It is a very auspicious moment as he brings fulfillment of all the desires of a person along with him. 

The hard work pays off at this moment, life becomes full of positive vibrations and one can handle the most difficult situation with ease as his intellectual increases. 

Shani dev blesses the person with success in all spheres of life.

5) Swan 

The ride of the swan is also considered very auspicious and good. When Shani dev enters in one’s life riding a swan, he brings a lot of good things along with him and makes the person’s life prosperous and happier. 

The person gets relief from all the suffering of pending tasks and targets as they get completed on time without any difficulty. 

All the wishes and prayers come true and all the obstacles that are going to come in the future get vanished too.

So, Swan is one good Vahan of Shani Dev.

6) Jackal

The next Vahan of Shani Dev is a Jackal.

When Shani Dev enters someone’s life riding on a jackal it is the sign that bad luck and inauspiciousness are coming into a person’s life. 

It leads to many ups and downs and makes one’s life unhappy and depressing. The desired results will not be achieved despite one’s best efforts. 

Hence at such times, one should remain cautious and alert of his surroundings and life.

7) Lion

This is one powerful Vahan of Shani Dev. 

As lion shows victory, power, and strength. This vehicle brings auspiciousness to one’s life. 

The person mirrors the lion’s personality of strong willpower, fearlessness, and strength as Shani Dev blesses him with happiness. 

He achieves victory at every point of his life at this moment.

8) Crow

The next on the list of vahans of Shani Dev is a crow.

When the crow is the vehicle of Shani Dev, it indicated that a lot of tension and stress is going to come into one’s life. 

The problems will come in professional life as well as in the family the tension between the family mates will increase leading to unnecessary fights. 

This needless stress and tension will disturb the peace in one’s life leading to pressure and distraction at work. 

At this moment one should keep calm and should not take the decisions in hurry.

9) Bull

The last one on the list of vahans of Shani Dev is a bull.

When Shani Dev arrives on a bull in one’s life, the results are not sure. 

An individual should take each step carefully by using his intelligence. If the decisions are taken meticulously and not with caution, one will suffer unfavorable consequences in his life. 

Here mixed results mean if the work is done with proper precaution the person will certainly get benefitted if not he will have to face the tension in his life.

Besides these nine vahans of Shani Dev, there are two more vahans that he comes riding, like a dog and a vulture. 

When Shani dev rides on a dog, then the person is likely to suffer from theft and robbery in his house or many unnecessary financial losses. When he rides on a vulture then the person’s health remains a serious concern.

According to astrology, by calculating the Nakshatra, Vaar, and Dates in the person’s zodiac sign, it can be found out with which vehicle Shani Dev is transiting in the person’s life and the correct solutions can be given to an individual to lower the fury of Shani dev and make him happy by doing good deeds. 

So, just pray that Shani Dev visits you with his positive wishes and the Vahan of Shani Dev is a good one. 

Comment down the name of the Vahan of Shani Dev, that you want him to ride and visit you.

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