Unstoppable Domains And Human Readable Wallet Addresses

Crypto Rishi
May 16, 2022 9 min read
Unstoppable Domains And Human Readable Wallet Addresses


In this article, we will explain what unstoppable domains are, how they might be Better than ENS, and what that means for people getting into the complicated crypto space before we understand the power of unstoppable domains. The first thing we'll need to do is understand DNS

1.  DNS

We love using examples. So that's exactly what we're going to be using to help you understand DNS. So, DNS stands for domain name service, which is a fancy way of saying that it is a helpful service that allows us, humans, to type in human-readable addresses into the search bar. Then it will automatically turn them into machine-readable addresses.

So, most of you are probably familiar with IP addresses. Those are precisely how a computer at one end of the internet knows how to talk specifically to another computer somewhere else and not just scream it into the abyss. That is the web. When you type in google.com hit enter; your computer sends a message to your internet service provider telling you where's google, the internet service provider finds out and goes to where google it tells them that you are looking for them and then grabs a package back to send to you now. Your computer then unpacks the package to show you the entirety of the google.com home page uses complicated math and software. All of this communication happens behind the scenes, but it's user-friendly and straightforward to you if we had to type in into the URL bar instead of google.com, a lot more people would be confused, right. So we don't speak in numbers or IP addresses. speak in dot, coms, dot, orgs, and nets because it makes sense.

2.  ENS

So that's essentially what a DNS is: a translator for humans to speak machine code. Next up, let's see how this works for crypto ENS is essentially the same thing that I just mentioned, except it's for Ethereum ENS, which stands for Ethereum name service. As you saw in the title, this article is about unstoppable domains, so like ENS is similar to DNS. Unstoppable domains are similar to ENS. However, I have noticed it's got around four big edges, making it a slightly better number one.

3. Multiple Wallets Allowed

They allow multiple wallets. So, I think the most fantastic thing unstoppable domains does is create a multi-wallet wallet, and this means you can add your wallets for different coins into their software. So, then you can have a whiteboard. Crypto account for Ethereum for bitcoin for Cardano's Solana and a bunch of other coins that they have listed similar to how DNS works, the domains you create are resolved to a public address, and whenever you configure your domain with a wallet address you own, any funds sent to that domain.

The address will be sent straight to your wallet, which is massive for mass multi-chain adoption. It’s worth noting ENS only works for Ethereum, not bitcoin, Cardano, or Solana. As I mentioned earlier, next up is web hosting, so with ENS domains. The idea is mostly a simple wallet that reroutes your Ethereum address.

4.  Web Hosting

You can get a wallet name to reroute to many other coins with an unstoppable domain. Plus, you are getting a domain name now. This means you can host an actual website on whatever domain you reserve. Technically you can do this with ENS, but unstoppable domains make it simpler.

ENS also only lets you claim dot. Eth addresses, while unstoppable domains, let you claim: dot, crypto, dot, zil, dot, coin dot, wallet, and a few others. One thing to note here is that, for both of these domain services to host a website, you must use a browser that supports the extensions like crypto or eth, and I'll talk about this later in the article.

5.  Unstoppable Domains

Unstoppable domains seem to me to be better than them because they only charge a one-time fee, while ENS are based on payment per year. For example, Eth on ENS, I paid around 60 dollars to lock in 10 years. I did this a few months ago, and since then, gas fees have probably made that seem very affordable. The most significant difference here is the difference between ownership of a name instead of a subscription to a name.

Unstoppable domains have prices of less than sixty dollars, and you'll never have to worry about forgetting to renew your address. Lastly, they're moving to layer two. Speaking of seeming, affordable, unstoppable domains is launching on polygons, soon meaning they're moving from the leading Ethereum network to a layer 2 network that will allow them to have much more throughput and way cheaper fees. Technically, you won't have any gas fees to pay for minting an address other than the first origination fee.

6. Centralized Domains

For those of you that are curious, the domains will actually be erc 721 nuts that are on the polygon network, which means you can also trade or sell them, and you can view them on opens now; it's time to talk about risks, because there is one bad thing I see about unstoppable domains, and that is that they are in a form centralized even though you don't have to enter your personal information like a real name or home address. If you pay with crypto, they will have access to your IP address, the email you signed up with, or your crypto payment address.

7. Extension Required

This doesn't mean much, though, since even using metamask puts your IP and wallet address out there in the open anyways, but the way that they reserve the specific domains is centralized. One of their most significant products, a domain ending with dot crypto, does not work on most browsers unless you use a particular extension. So, if you want to host a website and want someone to view it, you'll have to ask them to install a brave or unstoppable domains extension or wait until it becomes a standard in the traditional web 2.0 world. A browser like brave will convert your turtle cat Crypto domain into an IP address, just like it does for any other website, after which you can browse the site like you would Google or Facebook. I'm saying all of this to show you how dot, crypto, and Dot zill work is the same as how dot com or dot org work, except the group of people controlling the URL part of the internet or ICANN. They haven't made crypto or dot zill a standard. Yet this is probably because every portion of every com sale they receive a portion of, but they do not receive a portion of every crypto domain sale.

8. Unstoppable Domains Advantages

Even with these risks, I still think we need a service like unstoppable domains to help onboard new crypto users. Their interface is user-friendly, the fees are much lower, and no gas fees are moving forward. Plus, they create human-readable addresses among many different wallets. They are a tool that new users will appreciate for those of us who have already invested in defy understanding wallet, addresses, and how smart contracts work is like second nature, but only a few years ago, or for me a few months ago.

Many of these ideas were over our heads; just like you, we don't necessarily need to know how chrome loads your facebook.com page by using DNS, ipv6, HTML, and JavaScript. Likewise, you don't necessarily need to know precisely how crypto works to use it instead, just like you type in Facebook.com and hit go. New users need to know that sending money in crypto is just as easy as asking someone to pay Alice.

9. How to Register a new Domain

So much for watching this educational article about unstoppable domains, but I will say for the rest of this article, I will show you how to register a new domain and share the process with you. So, you can follow along or see how simple it is. So, let’s dig in, alright? We're here at unstoppable domains.com and I will show you how to set up a new, unstoppable domain. For this article, I'm going to be registering a turtle. Crypto, and you can see that it's available for forty dollars. So, I'm going to go ahead and click add to cart.

10.  The Process

I'm going to go to my cart and pretty much uh. Yes, I live in the United States, my zip code, and I want to continue with email. So here, you can see that you can select credit cards, PayPal, cryptocurrency, or crypto.

Com app, so I want to pay with Ethereum. So, the first thing we're going to do is click on Ethereum down here, and then we will copy the address. Go up to our metamask account and click send, and then I'm going to paste the address in, and then the amount of Ethereum I'm going to send is the exact amount that they have shared here, even though it's calculated at a little less than 40. So, this is what they're asking for. So that's how much I'm going to send I'm going to double-check those eight four five, three, eight four, five, three with two leading zeroes.

11. Payment

So that's what I'm going to play with. We're going to go ahead and click next; as you can see here, the transaction fee will be 24, and that's just because it is very congested right now. So, to get your transaction first in line, you have to pay twenty-three dollars for this article. I'm going to go ahead and pay that, but I would not recommend you pay that right now. As you can see, they've automatically updated that they have detected a payment, and now we are waiting for that payment to be confirmed. If we go and click on these three dots and view accounts in ether scan, we can see that 20 seconds ago. That transaction was made, and you can see it here if we click on that transaction.

12. Confirmation

There are two block confirmations, and some places like to see 10, others like to see 35, and what this means is that there's actually in this block, there are two more blocks that have been confirmed in front of it, and so this is to ensure that this transaction, actually doesn't get reverted because of some fork in the network. So, the more block confirmations you have, the more secure this transaction is. There we go. They've emailed the receipt to my email, and then they've also again showed me how much I paid. So, if I go here to go to my domains now, I own a turtle Crypto. What I can do is that's currently not minted. However, what I can do is I can do a free mint, and right now, they have a layer 2 capability, which means you can mint for free on the polygon. So, we're going to continue and do that. They're going to send us a verification code, and over Here, on the other monitor, I'm going to find it, and instead of trying to type it in, I'm not sure if that's i or a 1, so I'm just going to paste it in there we go.

13. Verifying

It worked, I'm going to use a meta mask to mint, and then this is verifying that we own this wallet, and then this is the address to which it will be sent. So, we click. So, I understand and then confirm it, and now turtle cat dot crypto will always be associated with this account. So, I went ahead and went up here to domains and then selected my domains. So let me get it here, and then I clicked on the turtle cat. Crypto that I bought, and you click on manage, which allows you to edit all of your wallet addresses to see them here.

14. Add Crypto Address

I could input my bitcoin address, my Ethereum address, which has automatically been added, litecoin, xrp, and zill. Then, using this ad currency, I can add any other currency that they have listed. So, for example, I could add Cardano, and you can see that it's been added here, and then I paste in my Cardano address and confirm changes, and that'll make it. So, whenever someone sends money to a turtle Crypto, go to this ada address now. Also, before I end this article, I wanted to share with you that you can edit the website stuff. You can also verify your domains. You can add a profile; there's like pictures and stuff.

15. Buy One Get One

You can do that, and you can transfer or sell your domain. So, it's a bunch of really cool features on unstoppable domains, but I wanted to say one more thing: honest, quick, at the end of this article, I believe they're doing a buy one, get one sale for Cyber Monday. So, if you buy one domain, you get another domain for free.

That is the same value or less. This is the only sale they ever actually do, and it only happens once per year. I want to thank you guys so much for reading this article.

Hopefully, you enjoyed this article.