25 Most Unique And Unusual Sports That Exist Around The World

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Dec 15, 2020|5 min read


Sports is one word with which almost everyone associates. Some love playing some kind of sport, some love watching them while some others love doing both. If asked about your favourite sport, many replies will be that of Cricket, Soccer, Tennis, Basketball and so on. 

But the kind of world we live in right now is not that simple either. It never fails to surprise us with its uniqueness. And hence, to bring a glimpse of that strangeness and rareness, we have curated a list of some of the most unfamiliar and unique sports. Here is a list of 25 of the most unique, unusual, and uncommon sports.

1) Zorbing

One of the really bizarre and interesting sports that includes a participant to race down the hill with obstacles like water, in a large, transparent ball.

2) Cheese Rolling

This name might excite the foodies but is one of the strangest sports in the world. In this sport, a large cheese wheel is rolled down a steep hill and all the participants race for it with the winner being awarded the cheese.

3) Cycleball

One of the most unusual sports, it involves two teams with two players each on a bicycle with no breaks to net the goal using only their wheels and their heads.

4) Sepak Takraw

This is another one of the unusual sports that originated in Asia. It is very similar to volleyball with the only difference being that the players can use any part of their body to get the ball over the line except for their hands or arms.

5) Ostrich Racing

With ostriches having a superb speed of 19 kmph and a reach of 16 feet with their legs in one single stride, this- one of the strangest sports ever has people sit on ostriches and race around a track. It originated in Africa.

6) Quidditch

This is for all the Harry Potter fans. This accounts for being one of the most unique sports started as a fictional game in the Harry Potter series having elements of tag, dodgeball, and rugby combined but with a twist. The twist is that the team consisting of 7 players should have a broom in between their legs all the time.

7) Wife Carrying

Next  on our list of unusual sports having originated in Finland involves a man carrying a woman on his back (not necessary for them to be legally married) to run through obstacles in the race. The team with the best timing emerges as the winner.

8) Toe Wrestling

Another one of the strangest sports is all about your toe power. The two opponents battle with just their toes (just like arm wrestling) and whosoever pins the other's foot down wins.

9) Shovel Racing

It promises to be one of the most bizarre sports. It basically involves a person who sits on a shovel and races down an icy hill.

10) Extreme Ironing

One of the rarest sports, it involves people to take some clothes and ironing boards to dangerous locations and do ironing there.

11) Bubble Soccer

Each team consists of 5 players who have their heads and upper body in an inflatable bubble, this being the rarest of the sports consists of almost the same rules as soccer. It's extremely fun to play and watch as well.

12) Dog Surfing

Already guessed? This boasts of being one of the unique sports involving dogs showing their surfing skills and can be with or without a human on the surfing board.

13) Unicycle Hockey

As the name suggests, it is hockey played with players on unicycles who are required to keep their both feet at all times making it one of the rare sports. It consists of 5 players from each team and is a bit risky as well.

14) Underwater Football

This strangest of sports is American football being played in a swimming pool. The participants have to have to wear snorkeling equipment and are required to take the ball to the gutter on the other side. 

15) Lawnmower Racing

Happiness does not have a prerequisite of being rich is what this strangest of sports teaches. Invented by some motor enthusiasts who couldn't afford the race car, this sport along with being a race also keeps the gardening work in check.

16) Face Slapping

One of the strangest sports involves two men of the same size slapping each other taking alternating turns. Whoever falls or taps out first, loses.

17) Giant Pumpkin Kayaking

Adding a twist to normal kayaking,this being one of another of these unusual sports, giant pumpkins are used in place of kayaks for around a half a mile race. Participants can also add vibrance by colouring their giant pumpkins.

18) Mud-Pit Belly Flopping

A not so exciting sport to sound, it has participants required to fall face first in a pile of mud making it one of the most bizarre sports.

19) Underwater Hockey

Also known as Octopush, this rarest of sports, is similar to hockey but with an added twist of being played underwater which makes it all the way more interesting.

20) Rabbit Jumping

This unique sport involves jumping courses for rabbits to also have some fun making it one of the most unusual sports. The ideal rabbit weight ranges from 4 pounds to 11 pounds.

21) Egg Throwing

Next on our list of strange sports requires the people participating in it to throw eggs as far as they can without breaking them.

22) Bog Snorkelling

With no swimming strokes allowed, this is one of those strange sports that requires the participants to wear snorkels and flippers to complete a journey spanning a length of 120 yards trench.

23) Chess Boxing

You got to have both brains as well as the power to play this rarest of sports. Consisting of 11 alternating rounds of chess and boxing with a duration of 3 minutes each, it involves a great show of both these skills.

24) Log Rolling

Two people stand on a floating log, and whoever falls first, loses. Not bizarre? Wait. The participants cannot physically come in contact and also are not allowed to cross the centerline of the log. Thus, making it one of the strangest sports.

25) Urban Golf

A free game with no dress code required, this last unique sport our list of rare sports is bound to sound the most exciting for the people who are always stuck at the office. With everything being the same as standard golf, it is usually played in the streets or working sites with balls that are not dangerous and a standard golf club.

These unusual and out-of-the-ordinary sports might seem weird enough but will surely be on the minds of most of you to try out. And that's brilliant. Sometimes trying and experiencing extraordinary things brings joy and thrill into your life. So, next time you're planning to take off for a vacation, do remember to try these rarest sports on the planet!

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