The Unheard Pain

My baby girl deserves to be Alive!

Akshada Borhade

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We are living in the era of the 21st century. It is an era where we are reaching summits of success in the fields of science and technology. Still, in many places, we see or hear about girl foeticide abortion. Although it is illegal, it is a shame for parents who are desperate for a son. And also for the doctors who perform abortions specifically for these reasons. 

Here is a small composition of an unborn girl child to her mother:

The Unheard Pain | A Poem By Akshada Borhade

Can you feel my heart beating, maa?

Yes, I can beta 


For you, am I a burden?

Because of me, will the condition worsen?

If No, then why are you doing this to me

With you, with our family, I want to be

With you the whole world, I want to see

Can't you fulfill my small dreams

Instead, you want to hear my screams


I will be born a girl is the only sin?

Why is this world so mean?

Hey maa, are you listening?

Maa, my skin is burning


Bye Maa, My last words, I hope you can hear 

I wish you'd allowed me to come into this world without any fear

I will try to become a boy next time

I hope that would not be a crime


Take care Maa,

--Your loving unborn girl. 

The next approaching is your girl's name. The past you shared is your mother's name, and it is the reality. There will be no present, no past, and no future without a girl. Female feticide is suicide. 

So, save the girl and secure the future. Also, if you love this article, hit the like, share, and comment button. 

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Akshada Borhade

An engineer trying to find an escape by writing her heart out!



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