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Rejection means Redirection !

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No !

A term often associated or taken in the direction of the negative wind.

Well let's change your perception when you hear the word 'No' next time. No is not always associated with rejection. So what else could it be? In the video, I have explained about the word no and where do we hear this word so often and how we take the word 'No' mentally and emotionally, whether it be friendship or to Get over breakup.

Video Link : How to deal with rejection | Love rejection

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This rejection is always a stop factor for most of the people, but it could be a green signal or even a yellow signal to tell, or warn, or guide people about the decision which they were about to take. That decision could be in a personal way or in the professional life.

This video explains about how the term 'No' does not mean Rejection but it rather applies as Redirection. It is very important to understand the phenomenon, however complicated this might be for the brain to digest. I am sure that this video will lighten up a whole new space whenever someone says No, in terms of friends, job, or Get over breakup rejection.

One of the most important things, talked about are the 5 ways of consulting what you should do when you face any rejection, be it in your work projects, in job searches or in family matters or in your love life. Dealing with a hindrance is tough but it is important for you to realize that this hindrance is not a rejection but a re-projection and redirection.

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We all have faced thousands of No in our lives but understand this that these doesn't define you and your capabilities but the rejection which you are fighting so hard against is a way to redefine you and your capabilities. Accept the No or if you have gone through a breakup and reading this to get over breakup hen after accepting rejection you will witness the progress in you. You will feel that you have matured and are on the road of redefining. Watch the video and learn how to take No positively and grow into a better person.

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