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To live in a society full of gender stigmas and age restrictions, it becomes really hard for a woman to strike high in the direction of success she wants to taste. The Lady I am talking about did the same and starred from scratch even though she had a good experience of working in the merchandising business. In this interview, featuring Yoga Instructor Harjas Kaur, who is a professional Yoga trainer and a fitness coach and also practices healing.

Video Link : Understanding Benefits Of Yoga From Yoga Instructor Harjas Kaur

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In the video, Yoga instructor Kaur talks about how she felt monotony enveloping herself and her desire to try something new for herself. She finally took a leap of faith and trusted her friend who booked a Yoga session. The Yoga aura, Benefits of Yoga and Harjas clicked right away as she elaborates in the video.

She didn't want to practice Yoga just as a hobby but wanted to work in the Yoga industry as a Yoga Instructor. She explains how she took classes and took voluntarily programs in the same institution. Eight to ten years earlier, there wasn't much of a trend of living healthy lifestyle, understanding towards benefits of yoga, and investing in yoga or body fitness so it took her time to make a place for herself in this tough growing industry.

Yoga Instructor Harjas Kaur also talks about the way moving towards leading a fitness revolving norms of life and hence a debate is always going on in everyone's mind- The main crux of this debate is whether to choose Gym or Yoga? Which would suit whom and how to be able to maintain any regime for a longer period of time?

Yoga Instructor Harjas Kaur emphasizes on the notion that Yoga bears fitness but also the peace of mind, and this become a well known part of the benefits of yoga. The healthier the body, the healthier will be the mind to train the body.

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Watch the complete video and seek all answers you need to settle in the Yoga industry which is becoming a power packed industry and promoting wellness of mind, body and both.

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