35 Must-Watch Underrated Bollywood Movies For A Great Movie Experience

Jul 23, 2021 21 min read

Movies are one of the best time-pass and sometimes also can be the perfect temporary escape from reality. 

The Bollywood industry has been a hotbed for glitzy, escapist tales punctured with cliches, and a whistle-worthy platform for years, and has furnished loads of stories, stars, celebs, popularity, and entertainment.

The Bollywood hits and the high-rated movies already take the center of the stage and need no deeper introduction. But there are some underrated Bollywood movies as well, that are no less than any hit movie and are unique, interesting, and masterpiece works. 

Through this article, I'm gonna share the most underrated Bollywood movies which are remarkable, different, and worth watching.

1. The Tashkent Files

<a href="https://feedingtrends.com/underrated-bollywood-movies">The Tashkent Files | Underrated Bollywood Movies</a>
The Tashkent Files | Underrated Bollywood Movies

To start the list we've, based on the non-fiction book 'The Tashkent Files' by the director Vivek Agnihotri, this movie presents the research about various conspiracy theories about the death of India's second prime minister Lal Bahadur Shastri.

This is a remarkable and gripping thriller movie that'll keep you engaged till the very end of the movie.

Though it's a beautifully narrated and meticulously detailed story, still falls under the underrated Bollywood movie category.

Released in the year 2019, this is a must-watch movie, especially for Indians, and is available on Zee5 and Telegram.

2. Ship of Theseus

<a href="https://feedingtrends.com/underrated-bollywood-movies">Ship of Theseus | Underrated Bollywood Movies</a>
Ship of Theseus | Underrated Bollywood Movies

"If a ship is replaced part-by-part up to a point where not a single original part remains in it, is it still the same ship?"

Mentioned above is one of the best and deep quotes from the wonderful movie 'Ship of Theseus'.

Released in the year 2012, Anand Gandhi's SHIP OF THESEUS is another incredible yet underrated movie that explores questions of identity, beauty, justice, meaning, and death through three stories presenting an experimental photographer, an ailing monk, and a young stockbroker.

It's an ominous film and another example of a must-watch movie.

Watch it anytime on Youtube.

3. Nil Battey Sannata

<a href="https://feedingtrends.com/underrated-bollywood-movies">Nil Battey Sannata | Underrated Bollywood Movies</a>
Nil Battey Sannata | Underrated Bollywood Movies

Mother is said to be the first teacher of every child and such a beautiful bond of a mother and her daughter is depicted in the movie 'Nil Battey Sannata'.

The movie is about a girl Apeksha who lacks motivation and hates studying. Also, she doesn't want to burden her poor mother with the expenses of further education.

Now here comes the great challenge for her mother Chanda, who, like every other mother wants her child to succeed in life and for that, she needs to motivate her.

So will Chanda succeed or will she give up!

Go and find the answer and enjoy their journey.

It's one of the finest creations of Bollywood which unfortunately falls under the underrated Bollywood movies section. But without a second thought in mind, you should go for it.

"Nil Battey Sannata" is available on Amazon Prime video and you can also watch it from Youtube.

4. Masaan

<a href="https://feedingtrends.com/underrated-bollywood-movies">Masaan | Underrated Bollywood Movies</a>
Masaan | Underrated Bollywood Movies

Released in the year 2015, Masaan is arguably one of the finest yet underrated Bollywood movies. Shot in Varanasi, Masaan has pure desi magic woven in it and feels relatable.

Masaan presents the story of a young woman Devi, who strives to shake off the social stigma of pre-marital sexual relations.

Also, Vicky Kaushal made his debut with this movie as Deepak, a low-caste boy who falls in love with Shalu, a high-caste girl. Together they try to overstep the restrictions of their caste-based society.

It's an emotional movie that beautifully brings out the sentiment and personal tragedies and despite being an underrated movie, it's a must-watch.

The song " Tu kisi rail si guzarti hai..." feels so soothing and will touch your heart!

Watch it on Disney+Hotstar.

5. Udaan

Next on the list, we've Udaan, which is again, a great but underrated movie.

This film is moody, introspective, inspiring, and deeply moving.

It's a simple movie with realistic touch and is very engaging. There are scenes where you'll find yourself connecting to the characters and their lives; feeling happy, sad, sympathy, excited, etc.

The story follows the expulsion of Rohan from his boarding school and he returns to his very strict and uncompromising father (i.e played by Ronit Roy), who wants him to pursue engineering whereas Rohan wants to be a writer.

So go and watch the movie and find out what happens to Rohan !!

You can find it on Netflix and trust me it's worth every penny !!

6. Stanley Ka Dabba

<a href="https://feedingtrends.com/underrated-bollywood-movies">Stanley Ka Dabba | Underrated Bollywood Movies</a>
Stanley Ka Dabba | Underrated Bollywood Movies

Another considerable but underrated Bollywood movie is 'Stanley ka Dabba' which is the story of a schoolboy Stanley, who doesn't carry lunch to school. 

And there's a gluttonous teacher who has the habit of eating the student's lunch. So when he finds out that Stanley doesn't get his lunch box, he warns Stanley and threatens him to bring his lunch if he wants to attend school.

It's a very fun movie and you must watch and find out if Stanley starts bringing lunch or is there any other punch!

Find it on Disney+Hotstar and enjoy it with your family and friends.

7. Ugly

Moving on to the next, we've 'Ugly' which is directed by Anurag Kashyap who's certainly the gangsta of Hindi Cinema. 

Through his movies, Anurag drags his audience to ultra-real, scary, and uncomfortable places, to meet and confront the evils who appear just like any normal person but had a whole hell in their minds.

Ugly is a movie about a 10-year-old girl who goes missing, and her stepfather chases the deed.

Will he ever succeed in finding her?

Watch Ugly and try figuring out the answer while clearing up the doubts and mysteries which you'll find in abundance!!

It's an Underrated Bollywood movie but you'll find that it's very different (in good sense) from the other movies and has dark humor throughout the movie but feels realistic and won't let your mind rest.

You can find Ugly on Disney+Hotstar.

8. Soni

Soni is one of the great Bollywood movies that will depict the reality of our nation and the condition of Justice, Police, and especially women, in a very realistic and touching way.

This movie is thought-provoking, hard-hitting, and realistic.

Its story revolves around the fearless, honest, and yet in some sense- gentle lives of the police officer's named Soni and her boss Kalpana, who is very caring about her subordinates.

The plot showcases the issues of the patriarchal system, women harassment gender biases, bullying, etc.

"Soni" is a well-acted, realistic, and engaging underrated Bollywood movie and is a must-watch for everyone!!

You can watch Soni anytime on Netflix.

9. Badla

<a href="https://feedingtrends.com/underrated-bollywood-movies">Badla | Underrated Bollywood Movies</a>
Badla | Underrated Bollywood Movies

After the great movie 'Pink', we can see Tapsee and Amitabh Sir again working together in this mind-blowing movie "Badla".

Badla falls under the underrated Bollywood movie category but if you watch it, you certainly will be compelled to think, how come such a movie be underrated.

Badla is a unique blend of suspense and rapture and the best thing about it is that it'll make you realize that sometimes you can't see what's right in front of you !!

The conversation among the protagonists, the dialogues, the timing, and everything is just amazing and the 'twists' and 'turns' largely succeed in sticking you on the edge of your seats.

Unlike some Bollywood movies, nothing is predictable here and Badla is filled with mystery, suspense, thrill, and drama till the end.

Find it on Netflix, don't hesitate, it's worth every penny !!

10. Raincoat

"Kaun kehta hai ki, Bichadne me Mohabbat ki haar hai;
Jo Adhoora reh Gaya, Wo bhi to Pyar hai.
Haan wo bhi saccha Pyar hai!!"

Not all love stories get happy endings! But that doesn't mean it wasn't Love.

And such a love story is depicted in the movie "Raincoat". Starring Aishwarya Rai Bacchan and Ajay Devgan this movie and its beautiful story will touch your heart tenderly and make you feel the journey of love life woven into the hurdles of life.

The raincoat is the story of Neerja and Manoj, who unfortunately get separated and Neerja gets married to someone else.

But fate again plans their encounter and after all this time when they meet again, the scene is worth watching.

Excellent acting, Heart-touching, and filled with emotions, this movie portrays another eg of deep-but-tragic love.

Though the movie didn't get much fame, people who are interested in Romantic movies will love this one. And definitely, this is one of the best-underrated Bollywood movies that every movie lover must watch!

Looking for deep love and emotions.

Go to Amazon Prime Video and watch Raincoat now.

11. Khakee

Released in the year 2004, Khakee is counted as one of the best-underrated Bollywood movies with full-on action and thrill. It's a very beautifully crafted and incredibly acted movie.

Khakee is a movie that can be called all-rounder because of its good cinematography, captivating web-like storyline, excellent dialogues, and mind-blowing performance.

Khakee is about Dr. Iqbal Ansari who has been accused of being a terrorist, but he isn't one. 

The situation is worsened because of some of the corrupt police officers who are entangled with some terrorist associations and frame Dr. Iqbal by placing illegal weapons in his house which Iqbal is unaware of.

Apart from the story, some songs as well are of another level.

The song "Mere Maula" still gives goosebumps and is one of the best devotional songs you'll ever come across.

Watch this amazing Bollywood movie on Amazon Prime Video and trust me you won't regret it!

12. Rocket Singh: Salesman Of The Year

<a href="https://feedingtrends.com/underrated-bollywood-movies">Rocket Singh: Salesman Of The Year | Underrated Bollywood Movies</a>
Rocket Singh: Salesman Of The Year | Underrated Bollywood Movies

As the title suggests, this underrated Bollywood movie is about Harpreet Singh Bedi (Ranbir Kapoor), who is a commerce student and after completing his graduation he starts as a salesman as it is an adventurous career. But his ideas of success begin to clash soon.

High points of the flick are the punchy dialogues and the handful of scenes that touch your heart with their ' Never Say Die ' attitude character and inspiring situations.

Ranbir Singh's acting takes this underrated Bollywood movie to another level and is a must-watch, especially for the business person.

It's highly inspiring and a very positive movie and is available on Amazon Prime Video.

Worth watching guys!

13. Shor In The City

Shor In The City is another good underrated movie that you should watch.

Released in the year 2010, this movie is about the beautiful city of Mumbai and this amazing Bollywood movie depicts the stories of an NTI Businessman, an aspiring cricketer, and a minor criminal, who struggles with life-changing choices during the chaotic interval of Ganesh Chaturthi Puja Celebration.

As the movie moves towards the climax the movie becomes very interesting and engaging.

And apart from the movie and acting, it provides some really beautiful songs like 'Saibo', 'Karma is a Bitch', 'Shor', which are among the incredible compositions of the Bollywood Music Industry.

Watch Shor in the City on ALTBalaji and enjoy your time.

14. Margarita With a Straw

<a href="https://feedingtrends.com/underrated-bollywood-movies">Margarita With a Straw | Underrated Bollywood Movies</a>
Margarita With a Straw | Underrated Bollywood Movies

Margarita With a Straw was released in 2015 and is an amazing and heart-touching Underrated Bollywood film that'll draw you with its simplicity and incredible performance.

This movie is about a girl finding herself over shining her disability. This underrated Bollywood movie portrays so beautifully, that the desires of disabled people can be very similar to that of healthy ones. 

They may not be able to express things always, but they do feel like every other normal being on earth.

One of the best things about this movie is that instead of showing pity or sympathy to a disabled girl, it's more on how a caged soul wants to explore and enjoy her life!

Strong and willed characters, great storyline, and overwhelming sentiments together make this underrated Bollywood movie a must-watch flick.

You can watch Margarita With a Straw on Netflix!

15. The Blue Umbrella

The Blue Umbrella movie is based on a very short novel by Ruskin Bond which has the same name.

Simplicity is something you'll immensely experience through this movie, and how beautiful and simple lives are on Mountain villages, will fascinate you!

This movie is about a young girl Biniya who receives a beautiful and unique blue umbrella from a few Japanese tourists, which makes her popular in the village.

But where there's good, there's evil as well; and that evil is shown as a village shopkeeper, Nandkishor who has eyes on the umbrella and tries every possible way to get it.

Did he succeed and will Biniya part from her umbrella!

You must watch this terrific underrated Bollywood movie and find out what happens.

Watch it on Netflix together with your family and anticipate the innocence of a child and her beautiful bond with the simple non-living thing!

16. Shahid

<a href="https://feedingtrends.com/underrated-bollywood-movies">Shahid | Underrated Bollywood Movies</a>
Shahid | Underrated Bollywood Movies

Have you heard the phrase: "Justice Delayed is equal to Justice Denied"

Our next movie Shahid well connects to the above-mentioned line. Shahid is a simple, clear, and yet ironically sweet movie marking the necessity of education for social and economic standing and justice.

In this movie, Shahid and his family is made the victim of communalism and are trained radically for conducting terror activities and later get arrested. 

Luckily, Shahid finds a good environment in the jail and decides to pursue studies and becomes a lawyer. His tenacity and empathy can be seen in the ways he fights for justice for the poor and helpless. 

Some movies win our hearts with their simplicity and honest story, and Shahid is an example of that.

You can watch this incredibly underrated Bollywood movie on Soni Liv

Add it to your watch list.

17. Liar's Dice

Liar's Dice was released in the year 2013.

It's the story about a young woman Kamala from Chitkul village and her girl child Manya who leave their tribe and native land and go on a journey to find Kamala's husband, who's missing.

This is an underrated Bollywood movie with astonishing cinematography, a beautiful story, good style of presentation, and the movie touch your heart as it moves towards the end.

Nawazudeen Sidiqi is already known for his natural acting potential and Geetanjali Thapa with her realistic attitude and authentic acting has contributed greatly to making this movie a masterpiece!

You can watch Liar's Dice on Netflix and you must watch this remarkable underrated Bollywood movie, because the acting, emotions, and great locations will enchant you.

18. The LunchBox

<a href="https://feedingtrends.com/underrated-bollywood-movies">The LunchBox | Underrated Bollywood Movies</a>
The LunchBox | Underrated Bollywood Movies

There's a famous phrase that says, "Food leads the way to a man's heart."

And very relatable to the phrase is the next movie on our list i.e 'The Lunchbox', which is a beautiful, anomalous little story of friendship between two strangers who meet accidentally but end up discovering a connection among each other's problems and insecurities.

Irfan Khan's role as 'Sajan Fernandes' is just genius and Nawazudeen Siddiqui portraying 'Saikh' will make you long on several occasions.

The story of this underrated Bollywood movie feels credible like it could happen with anyone that we see on daily basis.

Its wonderful storyline, effortless performance, engaging plot, and simplicity make it a 'Total Paisa Wasool' movie and you can easily get it on Netflix.

Stop thinking and just go for it!

19. Shanghai

In midst of lies and lies, the journey of the struggle for finding the truth is something we all love to watch. 

And such adventure is presented in this incredible movie 'Shanghai' which was released in the year 2012 and falls under the category of underrated Bollywood movie.

Shanghai is about the journey of a group of people who try to unravel the mystery behind the death of a social activist which is framed as an accident by the Government.

This movie is a perfect blend of action, thrill, and political drama and the acting performance by the actors takes this movie to another level.

Without a single doubt in mind, you must watch Shanghai on Amazon Prime Video and enjoy the journey to unravel the truth.

20. Karthik Calling Karthik

<a href="https://feedingtrends.com/underrated-bollywood-movies">Karthik Calling Karthik | Underrated Bollywood Movies</a>
Karthik Calling Karthik | Underrated Bollywood Movies

Are you looking for a Psychological-thriller movie and haven't watched this movie yet, then it's time for you to take a break from everything and just go and watch Kartik calling Kartik.

You'll find it on Netflix as well as on YouTube, so just go for it without any second thought.

Now about the story, it's so amazingly written and beautifully presented movie. Farhan's mind-blowing performance shows all his hard work and his capability as an incredible actor.

And based on my personal views, for this terrific underrated Bollywood movie, hats off to the writer!

Released in 2010, this movie presents Karthik as an introvert who acquires a psychological condition that later boosts his confidence and changes his life.

I won't give any more spoilers here so just go and discover what's next with Karthik!

Worth every single penny!

21. Gurgaon

The movie is created in the book named 'Gurgaon Diaries' by writer Debeshi Gooptu. This movie will give you the experience of how power and money become the perfect tonic to overwhelm and demolish people and their households.

Gurgaon is a dark and twisted underrated Bollywood movie which tells the story of a family's relationship and the secret's behind them.

Here, the daughter of a real estate capitalist whose name is Preet is abducted by her brother, Nikki and as her family tries to trace her, many secrets unravel, and things take a horrible turn for all of them.

Gurgaon is a hazy sensed underrated Bollywood movie and you must watch it for the brilliant and sadistic Nikki and the brilliant performance of the actors.

You can watch it anytime on Disney+Hotstar.

22. Sonchiriya

Starring great actors like Monoj Bajpai, Sushant Singh Rajput, and Bhumi Pendekar, "Sonchiriya" is a well-made & well-shot flick with a strong narrative and mind-blowing enactments by the actors.

Set in the canyons of the Chambal Valley, Madhya Pradesh this amazing underrated Bollywood movie tells the tale of dacoits in 1975, who termed themselves as 'Baaghis' and are led by Man Singh (Manoj Bajpai) and together they battle with the cops and their conscience. 

There's are many good dialogues in this underrated Bollywood movie and one such is-

"Sarkar ki goliyon se koi nhi Marta, 
Aadmi Marta hai Sirf sarkar me waadon se"

So if you have an interest in hard-hitting, rough, and heavy films and are looking for excellent work in cinematography, then Sonchiriya, is a must-watch for you and is streaming on Zee5.

Total Paisa wasool film!

23. Ankhon Dekhi

Ankhon Dekhi is a movie about the lower-middle-class struggle regarding the experiences of life and relationships.

It has pure magic of reality of location and presentation of dressing, language everything which makes you nostalgic.

This impressive underrated Bollywood film mocks people who have absolved society's workings, forgetting the essence of critical thinking.

There's a popular saying that - "To feel is to be human" and this quote is taken a step forward in this incredible but underrated Bollywood movie; as the lead Bauji (Sanjay Mishra), only acknowledges the feelings he has personally experienced, neglecting everything else.

Ankhon Dekhi is streaming on Netflix, Amazon Prime as well as on Disney+Hotstar so go and enjoy it!

24. Dev.D - 2009

<a href="https://feedingtrends.com/underrated-bollywood-movies">Dev.D | Underrated Bollywood Movies</a>
Dev.D | Underrated Bollywood Movies

Next on our list is Dev.D which was released in 2009 and is a masterpiece by Anurag Kashyap. It's an adaptation of Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay's iconic Bengali novel 'Devdas'. 

While it was formerly adapted into films by Bimal Roy and Sanjay Leela Bhansali respectively, Anurag Kashyap's version is set in the modern era, with relatable characters that recall those from the original text.

Dev.D comes under the category of underrated Bollywood movie and even after more than 10 years of its release, you can still feel it deeply. 

Outstanding performance by the actors makes it a must-watch movie for romantic cinema lovers and if you're one of them then go find it on 'Netflix' and feel the love and flow with the emotions.

25. Salaam Bombay

Released in the year 1988, Salaam Bombay is another amazing underrated Bollywood movie that feels very realistic and has a great story narration.

Directed by Mira Nair, this movie has the sight of everyday pep, the unforced actuality of documentary, and yet the sentimental power of great drama.

It's an intense and thought-provoking movie with strong acting and realistic view and is currently streaming on Tata Sky.

26. Parched

Parched was released in the year 2016 and is an influential women-centric drama that intertwines the story of more than one woman, giving equal significance to all the stories of different women and adequately illustrating their desires, dreams, & crusades.

Parched is a hard-hitting, reality-based, and underrated Bollywood movie that highlights the plight of women in the male-subjugated society, rimmed in by so many customs, which makes life hell for women till now, especially in the village areas.

Watch this beautiful underrated Bollywood movie on Amazon Prime Video and find out what happens with them in the climax. And trust me, you won't be left in the lurch.

27. Gulaal

Again a mind-blowing flick by Anurag Kashyap is Gulaal, which was released in the year 2009 and this movie has again left me with the same question, that how come such great works go underrated and flop!

'Gulaal' presents the story of Dilip, who is a Law student from Rajpur. He's assaulted and abused by a gang led by Jadhwal which ignites the fire of revenge and in the pursuit of his revenge, he gets bogged down in the dirty world of politics.

Great acting and engaging story are plus points of this wonderful yet underrated Bollywood movie and are handily available on YouTube. So if you're a true cinema lover then you must give it a shot.

28. Koshla ka Ghoshla

<a href="https://feedingtrends.com/underrated-bollywood-movies">Koshla ka Ghoshla | Underrated Bollywood Movies</a>
Koshla ka Ghoshla | Underrated Bollywood Movies

Released in the year 2006, Koshla ka Ghoshla is a masterpiece fun-family-drama type movie that can be said as Dibakar Banerjee's best flick to date.

This movie presents the story of Kamal Khosla whose land is grabbed by a thug named Khurana and then in a scheme to retrieve the land, Khosla's son together with his friends, plans cleverly to fool the burglar.

This is an amazing underrated Bollywood movie that provides a complete package of a unique concept, a funny script, mind-blowing acting, and Anupam Kher's hilarious performance will make your jaws ache.

Koshla ka Ghoshla is currently streaming on Amazon prime video and is a great movie for all age groups. So gather your family and enjoy the joyful performance together !!

29. Bheja Fry

Fan of Bollywood, love comedy, and haven't seen Bheja Fry yet, then you are at a great loss, my friend!

Bheja Fry is one of the best Indian comedy movies and is underrated I don't understand why.

This movie offers a perfect combination of a great script, jovial dialogues, amazing presentation, and mind-blowing acting which feels like all the actors were fated for their respective roles.

The story follows Ranjeet who invites problems when he invites Bharat, a striving singer, to his house and as the story moves further, Bharat realizes the mess and tries to improve, but ends up creating more trouble.

You know what, pause your search for a while and go watch this amazing underrated Bollywood movie before you watch anything else.

Available on Disney+Hotstar 'Bheja Fry' is a Total Paisa wasool movie. So just stop thinking and go watch it!

30. Page 3

Behind the attractive and lustrous face of the Film industry, there lies the ugly, monstrous face which is brought to light through this remarkable and realistic underrated Bollywood movie i.e 'Page 3'.

This movie beautifully carves out the dark reality of the film industry, industrialists, big businessmen, and politicians.

Different stories, strong characters, brilliant acting, and beautiful melodies altogether make 'Page 3' a must-watch movie for all cinema lovers.

The song "Kitne ajeeb rishtey hain yaha" by Lata Mangeshkar is such a beautiful song that will touch your heart and soul!

Watch 'Page 3' on Amazon Prime or you can also find it on YouTube!

31. Jagga Jasoos

<a href="https://feedingtrends.com/underrated-bollywood-movies">Jagga Jasoos | Underrated Bollywood Movies</a>
Jagga Jasoos | Underrated Bollywood Movies

Jagga Jasoos is one of the best creations of Bollywood to date.

It's a very unique and masterpiece yet underrated Bollywood movie by Anurag Basu whose great works comprise of movies like "Barfi", "Kites" etc.

It's an extraordinary movie with an extraordinary performance by Ranbir Kapoor who plays the role where he talks in a musical tone.

The cinematography, locations, and photography take this movie to another level and I admire the music of this movie. Especially the song "Galti Se Mistake" is one of the most fantastic songs produced by the Bollywood Music Industry.

Jagga Jasoos is streaming on Netflix and you must watch this great movie. There's suspect, there's fun, there's the thrill and the innocence in the acting will touch your heart.

Total Paisa wasool movie!!

32. Hazaron Khwahisen Aisi

An amazing blend of real-life into reel life can be seen in this amazing underrated Bollywood movie 'Hazaron Khwahisen Aisi'.

A complete package of Romance, Politics, Social and Psychological aspects is presented incredibly through brilliant acting by the actors.

The story consists of a touching love triangle where Vikram loves Geeta but Geeta is in love with Siddharth, who later engages with the Naxal movement which results in the trio getting entangled in the turbulent Political Crusade of India in the 1970s.

Released in the year 2005 'Hazaron Khwahisen Aisi' is available on Netflix, Amazon Prime as well as Disney+Hotstar.

Looking for Romance as well as a realistic movie then go for it guys.

Worth watching!

33. City Lights

A unique and rare movie that beautifully narrates the plight of immigrants in Mumbai in a very natural and realistic manner.

'City lights' is an underrated Bollywood movie which is an official mutation of the British flick 'Metro Manila'. 

Though it has been iterated a few times during the outset credits, the way it's adapted in 'City Lights' makes it relatable & realistic making it look like some native story of India.

'City Lights' presents the story of every small-town family that dares to aspire and move to the city of dreams - Mumbai.

One of my favorite songs from the movie is "MUSKURANE" by the legend Arijit Singh.

Must watch City Lights on Amazon Prime!

34. I Am Kalam

Movies that lead to portray moral lessons are very rare. 'I Am Kalam' is a masterpiece example of such movies and is a very inspiring underrated Bollywood film.

This movie portrays a poor boy who strives for an education. One day he sees Dr. Kalam on TV and is moved and inspired by him and aspires to become like him.

This movie has the desi touch to it and will take you to witness a very sweet and innocent friendship.

The child protagonist of this movie was awarded the 'National Film Award for Best Child Artist' and the movie also won the 'Filmfare Award for Best Story'.

'I Am Kalam' is available on Amazon Prime Video and is a must-watch underrated Bollywood movie for every Indian.

Watch it with your family and friends and trust me, it's worth every single penny!

35. A Wednesday

<a href="https://feedingtrends.com/underrated-bollywood-movies">A Wednesday | Underrated Bollywood Movies</a>
A Wednesday | Underrated Bollywood Movies

Released in the year 2008, 'A Wednesday' is a thought proving, mystery, and thriller-based movie with an impressive screenplay and storyline by Neeraj Pandey.

The dialogues, the acting, and the presentation of this movie make it very realistic and masterpiece.

A Wednesday is about a retired police commissioner, Prakash Rathod who cites the most unforgettable case of his career wherein a normal commoner notified him about a bomb alarm in Mumbai.

This underrated Bollywood movie won the director "Indira Gandhi Award for Best Debut Film of a Director" and also the "IIFA Award for Best Story".

Watch "A Wednesday" on Netflix together with your family and friends and savor the great work by legendary actors like Anupam Kher, Naseeruddin Shah, and Jimmy Shergill.

"Movies are the most fascinating fraud in the world"

Watching movies, series, and dramas can boost up your mood and is one of the best ways to pass your leisure time. 

Movies can even help you bond better with your family & friends as well as creates better knowledge of society and the world around us. So do watch movies and series and dramas whenever you get the chance. 

Coz as it's known very well, that you only live once! My friend, so live as much as you can!

Let us know your favorite from this list of underrated Bollywood movies. Also, like and share with your movie pals.

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