8 Types of Love Defined By Ancient Greeks To Find Out Yours

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Genia Giri

Feb 3, 2021|3 min read


Life seems to be surrounded by broken love or rejuvenating love. But that’s not the end of the story. There are different relations with different persons or even with our own self. Love knows no boundaries, and similarly, love knows no language.

When souls remain connected, all other differences fade away. Love gains different levels of recognition and names with time. There is a unique name for each type of love, even if it’s for nature or sea/mountain.

Types of Love As Per Ancient Greeks

The ancient Greeks categorized this unique feeling in 8 types of love and have termed them with a unique name. Read these types of love and find out which type of love matches you or which type of love sounds familiar.

1. Eros or Erotic Love

This type of love surely excites all of us. But the theory explained is truly fascinating. Not only minds, but physical attraction also unites two bodies to achieve progression. The individual thought patterns turn into an intimate reality. This is the most exciting part of many kinds of loves.

2. Philia or Affectionate Love

Most of us are well acquainted with this kind of love from childhood. Do you remember posting pictures with captions - “sisters or brothers from different mothers!” Well, this is exactly that, when you develop feelings depending on loyalty and friendship.

3. Storge or Familiar Love 

Human beings are instinctual beings. This type of love explains how we nourish those instinctual relationships. Parents love their children even before their birth, and we know the affection formed between siblings or parents is purely from instinct.

4. Mania or Obsessive Love

This type of love is considered more as mania or disorder. We often obsess over one material or person thinking that we owe that/them. Distracting and destructive, obsessive love displays insecurity.

5. Pragma or Enduring Love

All couples desire this type of love to make their relationship stronger forever. Instead of falling in love, Enduring Love reciprocates ‘standing in love’ with equal dedication, commitment and understanding. ‘Pragma’ can only be achieved with both commitment and dedication.

6. Philautia or Self Love

There are both positive and negative aspects of this type of love. The ‘self-love’ part is certainly positive and cheering because love begins from the self. But the narcissistic love part can harm anyone badly. Loving oneself selfishly culminates in danger.

7. Agape or Selfless Love

The term may sound saintly, but this type of love can be found often. Prioritizing other’s happiness or problems before our problems are known as Selfless love. Just like mothers portray this type of love for their children, similarly many people with no blood- bond display this kind of love.

8. Playful Love

Full of fun and joy, this type of love celebrates laughter, silliness, leg-pulling, dancing and such activities. It successfully prevents many negativities that are there in other forms of relationship. It is mostly considered as infatuation, but still, this type of love makes hilarious moments for you to enjoy.

And with this we end up our list, maybe we can have more types of love in the comment section? Do read, relate, and reply in the comment section with your thoughts. Share your favourite memory with any type of love that you would want us to know.

Love is a popular topic that holds its buzz all the time. But few, guess, came across with 8 types of love, that too in the Greek language. Ancient or contemporary, love has not changed, even though the types are many.

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