30 Types Of Biryani That All Food Lovers Should Know

I just held you (Biryani) for minutes but still, my hands smell like you!

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Food is one of our basic amenities. Food is the only visible heaven in this world. We all work for food. Without food, we aren't able to work. It's easy to find food lovers. We get addicted to certain dishes. In the list of dishes, the most preferred dish will be biryani. None of us can stay within our limits with biryani. Few of us may even be ready to have biryani daily or even 3 meals per day. 

Biryani is not a word. It's an emotion. Most of us would prefer biryani in all states of our mood. There will be a noteworthy place for biryani on our menu. There are many types of biryani which is the best treat for our taste buds. 

We have brought 30 types of biryani from across India in this Feeding Trends article. Here is the list of different types of biryani which satisfies the hunger of eyes.

1. Hyderabadi Biryani

The most famous among all types of Biryani is from the city of Hyderabad, India and is known as Hyderabadi Biryani. The Kachchi (raw) biryani and the pakki (cooked) biryani are the two types of Hyderabadi Biryani. If you step into Hyderabad and move from there without having Hyderabadi Biryani, then your whole journey becomes incomplete. Are you a vegetarian? Don't you want to miss this flavour? For all such people, there is a vegetarian style of Hyderabadi Biryani with carrots, peas, cauliflower, potatoes, and cashews which equals the taste of the meat.

2. Keema Biryani

Imagine a plateful of food, which is perfectly cooked and combined with the flavorful minced meat with Indian spices and long grain, aromatic biryani rice. The imagination gives us the visualisation of Keema Biryani. Keema Biryani is the best treat for the people who especially didn't prefer bone on the meat. No states fail to offer you keema biryani. The enjoyment of this type of biryani still cannot be replaced by anything.

3. Lucknowi Biryani or Awadhi Biryani

Dishes from Awadhi cuisine are delicious and aromatic commingle with nuts, herbs, spices, saffron and other plant extracts makes you forget all your entire world. Talking of the different types of biryani, Lucknowi Biryani or Awadhi Biryani cannot be missed. This recipe can be done either with chicken or meat. The only difference between the two different slices of meat is cooking time. It's made with only the spices and not the mint leaves. If you're looking for a delicious biryani with whole spices, then go with Lucknowi Biryani. It never disappoints your love towards food.

4. Chicken Reshmi Biryani

Every single component in the Chicken Reshmi Biryani has its own health benefits. The lip-smacking Chicken Reshmi Biryani is an amalgamation of rice with meat, the flavour of chillies and all other spices. Your tongue gets addicted to the boneless chicken which is mixed with basmati rice, herbs, spices and much more aromatic flavours like ghee, cream, saffron, nuts. Can't wait anymore? Even Chicken Reshmi Biryani can't wait anymore without seeing you.

5. Makhni Paneer Biryani

Most of us may get confused with the paneer butter masala and paneer makhani. Both of them are the same. When we serve it subtly spiced and moist paneer cooked in Makhani gravy, layered with rice, infused with smoke and cooked in Dum method, you can't think of anything beyond the Biryani. The intoxication of the aroma of biryani makes us decide there is no love better than the love of Biryani. Among the different types of biryani, this one is loved by vegetarians!

6. Calicut Chicken Biryani

Next on our list of different types of biryani is one loaded with flavours, the Calicut Chicken Biryani. The jeerakasala rice with the quote different procedure from other rice grains makes the biryani taste awesome. This is usually served with papad, pickle, chammanthi which upgrades the flavour of Biryani. Calicut Chicken Biryani instantly makes our menu drool-worthy. If you happen to be in Calicut, do not miss trying this regional delight!

7. Scheherazade Biryani (Fish Biryani)

It's a traditional Irani version of biryani with major ingredient marinated fish combined with fried onions, raisins, cashew. The savour of the rose water drags you towards this fish biryani. Here, the fish is cooked in yoghurt mixed with spices which tempt us a lot. Mouth-Watering biryani and ideal raita definitely balance perfection.

8. Murgh Ki Kachchi Biryani

Meat can be fried, or tossed, or baked, or steamed. It can be in any form. When you have biryani, you can't easily declare that you aren't satisfied with the dish. The flavour changes our mood. You can't even try to stay away from the slow-cooked chicken, rice, curd and all different masalas.

9. Chicken Biryani With Coconut Milk

The twisted chicken with the coconut milk takes you to the new world of Biryani. The supplements like tomato puree, coconut milk makes the flavourful rice an exception. You can't stop your meal with one serve of this type of biryani. Chicken Biryani with Coconut milk never disappoints us.

10. Microwave Machchli Biryani

Here you can view the simmered pieces of spicy fish layered with rice. The recipe of this Microwave Machli Biryani is a wonder of wonders. A Rich and Flavorful Layered Dish which will never let you down is microwave machli Biryani.

11. Malabar Fish Biryani

Most authentic biryani dish from North Kerala is Malabar Fish Biriyani and hence it is on our list of different types of biryani. Fish tossed in a spicy masala assorted with rice results in a hearty combination. Malabar Fish Biriyani can be considered as one of the crowns in the food party which is attracted by everyone's eyes.

12. Handi Biryani

Rice is a blessing. Here the rice is cooked in a low flame with a miscellany of masalas and a layer of vegetables with chicken. When it decorates your dining table, it wins all your hearts. Definitely, after having it for the first, there will be a special place for handi biryani in your special dining parties.

13. Egg Biryani

One of the easiest ways of cooking delicious biryani is carried by Egg Biryani. It takes less time for our cooking. The egg curry with the heavy flavour of spices, herbs, cream, curd ties your tongue with the Biryani. Though it's not a kind of dum biryani, it tastes great. 

14. Zaitooni Subz Biryani

Zaitooni Subz Biryani is the package of veggies and flavourful spices. All tossed together for a delightful rich dish gives a pleasant aroma for a meal. You don't wish to miss it if you had taken it once in your life.

15. Satrani Biryani

Nothing can stop us from eating biryani when we are near Biryani. Satrani Biryani is a special recipe curated by India Bistro as part of their Clay Pot festival. It's cooked slowly in a clay pot which ensures a clean, healthy and earthen way of cooking food. We say yes to Biryani in no time.

16. Lamb Biryani

Moving ahead with our list of different types of biryani, we have Lamb Biryani. A casserole of tender lamb curry and fragrant saffron rice is the lovable Lamb Biryani. Two marvellous dishes combined into one company-worthy casserole. Serving with cooling cucumber raita on the side makes you feel the forest of food.

17. Kathal Biryani

Kathal biryani is also known as Jackfruit biryani. It is a special spiced dum cooked biryani. Kathal biryani is made with raw unripe jackfruit. Such jackfruit is called kathal in Hindi. And that's why it's known as kathal biryani. It's one of the different types of Biryani that must be tried to have as well as cooked.

18. Kolkata Biryani

Sub-variant of Lucknowi Biryani is Kolkata biryani. It is exceptionally light with low essence and colour and mildly spiced using just the right amount of spices to enhance the taste. In a huge handi, rice is steamed with already cooked mutton, spices and browned potatoes. No one can avoid such mouth-watering dishes.

19. Memoni Biryani

The origin of the dish is uncertain. Among different types of biryani developed in the Muslim centres of Delhi (Mughlai cuisine), Lucknow (Awadhi cuisine), it definitely decorates your menu card. It is one of the best biryanis in India.

20. Thalassery biryani

Thalassery Cuisine refers to the cuisine from Thalassery of northern Kerala, that has been blended in Arabian, Indian and European styles of cooking as a result of its long history as a maritime trading time. Thalassery is happily known for its Thalassery Biriyani and is reputed among best biryanis of India.

21. Ambur Biryani

Continuing our list of best biryanis of India, we have Ambur Biryani, whose recipes include curd and mint leaves. You can't neglect them there. It adds a special savour to the food. It might be spicier than its Lucknowi counterpart. It is usually served with brinjal gravy and onion raita, a spicy and a chill accompaniment make the biryani lover love the biryani more.

22. Dindigul Biryani 

Dindugal is one of the districts of Tamilnadu, India. The Biryani which is made in the style of that place is uniquely known as Dindugul Biryani. Dindugal is famously known as Biryani city of Tamilnadu. The mace powder, the capers and the star anise give it its archetypal flavour. This amazing South Indian preparation which would simply be allured by everyone is a true delight.

23. Tehri

The vegetarian version of the rice dish is named as tehri and is favourite among biryani lovers. It is prepared with Potatoes and Rice but even other vegetables can be added. The dish is Dum-baked in a sealed Handi. The top of the Biryani has a garnish layer, which makes it taste better with accompaniments such as raita, pickle and papad.

24. Kachchi Biryani

Kacchi means 'raw'. When the raw meat is added to the biryani pot, it is referred to as Kacchi Biryani. But Pakki is when the completely or partially cooked meat is added with the biryani pot and is sometimes layered. No one wishes to taste all such flavours in their counting days.

25. Muglai Biryani

Noted among the best biryanis of India, this is a culinary treasure from the Royal Mughal kitchens. This soft chicken Biryani recipe reminisces the rich culinary historical past of India. It is one of the common myths that conventional dishes are difficult to prepare as they need a whole lot of effort and time.

26. Sindhi Biryani

Sindhi Biryani is a unique combination of meat and rice, and a special one in our list of different types of biryani. It is from the Sindh province, Pakistan. Few of the most popular dishes is Pakistani cuisine and Sindhi cuisine. Sindhi biryani is served in nearly all the flights of Pakistan Airlines.

27. Kashmiri Biryani

The most popular food item in Kashmir is meat along with rice. As the name itself says the recipe of the dish carries Kashmir version. Again every food is magic and if the trick works, we feel the deliciousness of the dish. Kashmiri biryani is one of the best biryanis in India.

28. Bamboo Biryani

One of the dishes which we should taste at least once in our life is Bamboo Biryani. Here the bamboo stalk is transformed into a small pressure chamber that cooks the meat with rice with the charcoal heat of the terracotta tandoor. We even enjoy the way of serving. It tempts us when the dish comes out of the bamboo pipe. 

29. Bhatkali Biryani

Origin is the coastal town of Bhatkal, Karnataka. Bhatkali biryani invention has been an important part of Navayath cuisine. This preparation has been drawn from the Middle-East and it has evolved to become one of its kind. The meat is the replacement of a curd based marinade marinated in green chilli and mixture of onion masala, along with which the rice is cooked. 

30. Assamese Kampuri Biryani

This is one of the types of Biryani from the Muslim town in Assam. In short, the dish is colourful and delicious. The chicken is cooked with various vegetables like peas, carrots, potatoes, capsicums, and beans with spices after which it is mixed with rice. Biryani is a wonderful stress buster.

If there is an opportunity to have each different type of biryani, don't ever miss it. Biryani plays a major role in our emotions. When we get addicted to Biryani, we might have got the reason behind it. Biryani fills your heart when you feel empty.

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